Wednesday, December 30, 2015

T'is the Season Part 9

Christmas Day

The little boy woke up with much excitement, and eager anticipation of what was inside those stockings!
 photo Dec 25 Christmas Morning_zps1mxtc7yt.jpg
They came with a personal little gift tag!
 photo Dec 25 Christmas Morning1_zpsnfd7ny9c.jpg
He got a bunch of stuff from his wish list - including a bunch of Stampy and Minecraft items.
 photo Dec 25 Christmas Morning3_zpsx4fds3gf.jpg

 photo Dec 25 Christmas Morning2_zpsm4zujgd8.jpg
Then, it was time to see what loot was waiting for us under the tree!
 photo Dec 25 Christmas Morning4_zpsw4yb0ert.jpg
This year, there was even a pedal car!
 photo Dec 25 Christmas Morning5_zpsrhclqhwi.jpg
Thank you, Uncle Carter & Aunt Winnie for the gifts as well!
 photo Dec 25 Christmas Morning6_zpstd72xsx5.jpg
Afterwards, it was off for Christmas lunch at Stephanie's house, where the whole Wilson Clan was assembled, great grandchildren and all.
 photo Dec 25 Christmas Togetherness at Stephanies_zpsudfcrc48.jpg
I made and brought turkey pigs-in-a-blanket, guacamole and some Reese's peanut butter chocolate bars for dessert.
 photo Dec 25 Christmas Togetherness at Stephanies1_zpsfdfbsjvn.jpg
Jaxon exchanged gifts with his cousins, and had loads of fun playing over there - he especially loves their PonyCycle.
 photo Dec 25 Christmas Togetherness at Stephanies2_zpsyl0nj7xi.jpg
Oh yes, and after all that food and fun, it's time to retreat to the new baby's room and have some good ol' rest. :)
 photo Dec 25 Christmas Togetherness at Stephanies3_zpsgodjixwt.jpg

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