Saturday, December 31, 2016

Christmas Morning 2016

On Christmas Morning, the little boy was so excited, he woke up early, got into his Festive T-Shirt, and quietly tried to wake us up.
 photo DSC_0246-001_zpshxw1qqji.jpg
He was glad to see that the cookies and milk that had been set out had seen some action.
 photo DSC_0248-001_zpsdjonl8ok.jpg
And then we dove right into the Stockings.
 photo DSC_0251-001_zpskcdbdwgw.jpg
There was some pretty awesome stuff in there. :)
 photo DSC_0253-001_zpsiednbpxp.jpg
and Everything was Wrapped.
 photo DSC_0255-001_zpsdjjta5hb.jpg
We had candy, chocolates, a Scrooge McDuck, a toothbrush, and some shampoo dealies..
 photo DSC_0259-001_zpsdiliwb14.jpg
I got some hand sanitizer and scented wax.
 photo DSC_0260-001_zpskxkqwuhf.jpg
We ALL got some personalized tangerines!
 photo DSC_0262-001_zpsllccknub.jpg
Then it was time to go see what was Under The Tree.
 photo DSC_0263-001_zpsem1qvljx.jpg
Mr. Duckie joined in the festivities with much anticipation.
 photo DSC_0265-001_zps2ahgluyz.jpg
 photo DSC_0268-001_zpskvb3ejna.jpg
 photo DSC_0269-001_zps6xhq4o0l.jpg
 photo DSC_0273-001_zpsmfmidtzm.jpg
 photo DSC_0275-001_zpsoluglkgi.jpg
The Loot :)
 photo DSC_0278-001_zpsvm6rs8zc.jpg

Friday, December 30, 2016

Christmas 2016

The family gathered over at Stephanie's house after church, for Christmas Lunch. We were really glad to have Frances with us, even though she had had a really unfortunate incident happen with her car.
 photo Dec202520Christmas20Lunch20at20Stephanies2_zpsxacerche.jpg
The kids ( read: Twins ) were running around playing with their Christmas gifts.
 photo Dec202520Christmas20Lunch20at20Stephanies1_zpseb4yke5a.jpg
We were in charge of dessert, and so we brought the Christmas cookies we made, some Peanut Butter Chocolate cookies, a Cheesecake Pumpkin pie and the Eggnog cake we received from my aunt in Arizona.
 photo Dec202520Christmas20Lunch20at20Stephanies_zpstovbwwhr.jpg
While the adults were getting stuff ready, some of the little ones played Minecraft.
 photo Dec202520Christmas20Lunch20at20Stephanies3_zpsu3qp5pv6.jpg
and then had an outdoor swimming party AFTERwards. 
 photo Dec202520Christmas20Lunch20at20Stephanies4_zpsmso5x79b.jpg
 photo Dec202520Christmas20Lunch20at20Stephanies5_zpswtj97kos.jpg

The Day Before Christmas

the air conditioner came on.

 photo 20161224_131929-001_zpspznxfxol.jpg

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Christmas Lane 2016

I got a little weary of the "T'is the Season" headings....

We found a night that didn't have grocery shopping or football involved, and headed towards the State Supported Living Center for our yearly drive-through.
 photo Dec 21 Christmas Lights and Lane-001_zps1xlbhl81.jpg
As usual, there was a long line of cars waiting their turns, but at least it didn't take THAT long till we reached the gates.
 photo Dec 21 Christmas Lights and Lane1-001_zps33tscc9l.jpg
There's something comforting about traditions, and this was certainly one we had been doing with the little boy for a number of years now.

Behold, some nifty time traveling...
 photo Collages Driving-001_zpszftf1hm2.jpg
 photo Collages Driving1-001_zps8a6hp2dx.jpg
 photo Collages Driving2-001_zpsdfvzyn8v.jpg
 photo Collages Driving3-001_zpswkwrespw.jpg
 photo Collages20Driving4-001_zps04ndr6j4.jpg

 photo Dec 21 Christmas Lights and Lane3-001_zpsvgefyigg.jpg
There were the usual painted wooden cut-outs and lighted animatronix deer,
 photo Dec 21 Christmas Lights and Lane4-001_zpstwdgaujl.jpg
colorful sets, 
 photo Dec 21 Christmas Lights and Lane5-001_zpspctihxl2.jpg
some less conventional Santas,
 photo Dec 21 Christmas Lights and Lane6-001_zpsoakxjpiu.jpg
our favoritePeanuts themed display,
 photo Dec 21 Christmas Lights and Lane7-001_zpsc3qpeudd.jpg
and the many vehicles utilized in imaginative ways.
 photo Dec 21 Christmas Lights and Lane8-001_zpspocso3fm.jpg
Don't forget the inflatables!
 photo Dec 21 Christmas Lights and Lane9-001_zps44nwdgfj.jpg
Toward the end of the drive, we parked to go through the indoor part of the displays..
 photo Dec 21 Christmas Lights and Lane10-001_zpszipemlzl.jpg
But not before we took a few minutes to call the North Pole elves!
 photo Dec 21 Christmas Lights and Lane11-001_zpskb9hg7c5.jpg
 photo Dec 21 Christmas Lights and Lane12-001_zpsppytl86d.jpg
This year, the display at the entrance was very Dickensonian, with a very jolly Santa indeed.
 photo Dec 21 Christmas Lights and Lane13-001_zpsmuour0vd.jpg
The Train and Christmas Village display was magnificent as usual..
 photo Dec 21 Christmas Lights and Lane14-001_zpsdy5bg7v7.jpg
and this time, just about all the dolls along the walls were moving displays. I mean, you had moving kids, moving Santas, moving angels, moving anything you Christmassy you could think of.
 photo Dec 21 Christmas Lights and Lane15-001_zps89b3iawq.jpg
 photo Dec 21 Christmas Lights and Lane16-001_zpsxr32akzi.jpg
I took a short video of the little boy emulating them, and here's a screen shot.
 photo Dec 21 Christmas Lights and Lane17-001_zps9oaidwmf.jpg
Afterwards, we lined up to see Santa,
 photo Dec 21 Christmas Lights and Lane18-001_zpssgtc2mwm.jpg
and the little boy looks like he is almost crushing Santa, he's gotten so much bigger since last year.
 photo Dec 21 Christmas Lights and Lane19-001_zpsxjpfz4i0.jpg
Afterwards, we drove around some neighborhoods that had their Christmas displays going, and our favorite of the night was this really Big Fuzzy Bear.
 photo Dec 21 Christmas Lights and Lane20-001_zpsybt53sut.jpg
Our last stop was the Window Display at the Ford Auto Center, before calling it a night...
 photo Dec 21 Christmas Lights and Lane21-001_zpsalag8hxt.jpg
Next up.. Christmas Day, finally???

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

The Night Before The Night Before

We made a Christmas Tree during school, and had stuck it up on one of the walls.
 photo 20161223_204550-001_zpsdq96ftlu.jpg
On the Night Before Christmas Eve, we decided to put up our stockings, and we had gotten a Cowboy Boot one for the hubs.  Some preliminary presents were exchanged,
 photo Dec 23 Night Before Night Before Christmas-001_zpswo22rhyl.jpg
And we waited patiently for a couple of more days...
 photo 19d96000-ca64-47a0-9ca9-12ea8b5dd321_zpswoizb3op.jpg