Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Throwback Tuesday

We had these glorious days in December - what with Fall arriving supremely late and everything - and even now in the "Dead'O'Winter", there is lush green grass around our house. Hoy.

ANYWAY, we went to the playground a few times when the leaves were at their most glorious :)

 photo PC116433-001_zps0gr6knkx.jpg

 photo PC116435-001_zpsibqjv3ra.jpg

 photo PC116436-001_zpsw29zyqtn.jpg

 photo PC116440-001_zpslt8xk5qk.jpg

 photo PC116441-001_zpsyxeq4cj9.jpg

 photo PC116443-001_zps34dxttmy.jpg

 photo PC116446-001_zpsuqge3lv4.jpg

 photo PC116449-001_zpsifti9kdw.jpg

 photo PC116452-001_zpsttfgwbse.jpg

 photo PC116455-001_zpscfdm8zdz.jpg

 photo PC046367-001_zpspwxkzf0f.jpg

 photo PC046365-001_zps0uvomkqc.jpg

 photo PC046363-001_zpssqhhixot.jpg

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