Tuesday, February 23, 2016

60th ACU Annual Sing Song

We have been in Abilene a dozen years, but haven't been to a Sing Song until this year.  It was everything we had always known it would be.

The teams were so full of ideas, colorful, and animated, and the hosts and hostesses were so talented.  Everyone looked like they were having the time of their lives.

 photo Feb 19 ACU Sing Song1_zpsm6fuo7kp.jpg

The little boy had a wonderful time, hooting and hollering with the audience after every performance.  There were some acts that had tunes that he was familiar with, and that made it all that more enjoyable for him.
 photo Feb 19 ACU Sing Song_zpsryvcepla.jpg

 photo Feb 19 ACU Sing Song2_zps1lvuwj7w.jpg

 photo Feb 19 ACU Sing Song3_zpszyn9msfd.jpg

 photo Feb 19 ACU Sing Song4_zpsfh615wbe.jpg

We were glad for intermission, tho, and the little boy took the opportunity to stretch his legs, boogie with the music and explore a little with Daddy.
 photo Feb 19 ACU Sing Song5_zpscyu7xrec.jpg

 photo Feb 19 ACU Sing Song7_zpsciscydvf.jpg

 photo Feb 19 ACU Sing Song6_zpscu5kepjp.jpg

All in all, we had a thoroughly enjoyable evening, even if we did go past the little boy's bed time.  It was a lot of good music, great talent and a wonderful feast for the senses.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Chinese New Year Part Deux

I had given up that there was going to be anything remotely ChineseNewYear-sy here in Abilene. I had even asked the waitress at Sunrise, who in turned asked a friend attending ACU, who then told her that the students were probably going on a trip to Dallas.  AND the Old Jail Art Center in Albany was NOT organizing any Chinese New Year festivities this year. We were quite disappointed.


THEN, Qi called and said that the Chinese Student Scholars Association at ACU was organizing a dinner/celebration on Monday evening, and that Ashley had gotten tickets for us to go! How sweet of her to think of us :)

*happy happy joy joy*

Here we are, surrendering our "tickets" and being ushered into one of the rooms at the Hunter Welcome Center
 photo Feb 08 CNY dinner at ACU_zpsdmvthkcy.jpg
 photo Feb 08 CNY dinner at ACU1_zpsu161amci.jpg

We sat at the same table with Qi and her husband, while Xia Yu and her parents sat near the front, by the stage.
 photo Feb 08 CNY dinner at ACU2_zpsavpusymx.jpg

I'm assuming the guy that stepped up to welcome everyone was the President of the CSSA, and he proceeded to do some ice-breaking, and there was also some performances during the night.
 photo Feb 08 CNY dinner at ACU3_zpsnikaydfn.jpg

We managed to be near the front of the line for grub,
 photo Feb 08 CNY dinner at ACU4_zpszi3ig7ip.jpg
and the food was from China Star.  To be totally honest, I had been hoping for food catered from Sunrise.  The last time the CSSA had organized this and catered from Sunrise, the food was amazing - just because it was REAL CHINESE FOOD! I'm talking pig trotters in vinegar & ginger and whatnot. I'm not dissing China Star's fare, as it was tasty, but it just wasn't so much a taste of home, you know?
 photo Feb 08 CNY dinner at ACU5_zpsa61s9ho6.jpg

Of course, little boys start to get fidgetty ...
 photo Feb 08 CNY dinner at ACU6_zpstpgcuwkw.jpg

and so we went a-wandering and exploring,
 photo Feb 08 CNY dinner at ACU7_zpsvrrjfzif.jpg

 photo Feb 08 CNY dinner at ACU8_zps2pqm1979.jpg

We had a good time, and I was glad to be able to celebrate Chinese New Year with fellow Chinese friends.

A couple of days later, we continued our Chinese New Year celebration at home with a CNY meal at home.
 photo Feb 09 Chinese New Year Dinner at Home_zpsc5chjfna.jpg

We had dumplings,
 photo Feb 09 Chinese New Year Dinner at Home1_zpsph3hec7d.jpg

fried noodles and fried rice, 
 photo Feb 09 Chinese New Year Dinner at Home2_zpsydgyheer.jpg

 photo Feb 09 Chinese New Year Dinner at Home3_zpsm3kfw7mw.jpg

teriyaki salmon, 
 photo Feb 09 Chinese New Year Dinner at Home4_zpsrrobup8m.jpg

vegetable curry,
 photo Feb 09 Chinese New Year Dinner at Home5_zpsonm2s845.jpg

and mangoes.
 photo Feb 09 Chinese New Year Dinner at Home6_zpsvck5ajn4.jpg

Monday, February 08, 2016

Year of the Monkey

Happy Chinese New Year, Y'all!

Superbowl 50

I'm not a football fan, but the hubs is, and he asked sweetly if I could prepare some Superbowl fare :)

This is what we came up with...

Mini mashed potato/ham/cheese crescent cups
 photo P1010878-001_zpsvbur2tez.jpg

 photo P1010891-001_zps3zeff0mz.jpg

Bacon wrapped jalapeno cream cheese poppers
 photo P1010886-001_zpswrdgd1zo.jpg

 photo P1010884-001_zpsdqxego0i.jpg

Kale Salad
 photo P1010879-001_zpsuziuwefr.jpg

Baked Buffalo Wings YUM
 photo P1010872-001_zpssnrhlata.jpg

 photo P1010873-001_zps9fxtvkod.jpg

Thursday, February 04, 2016


I can't believe Cindy had been in Abilene for 3 months over Thanksgiving and Christmas, and is now back in Zambia. I know Jaxon misses her terribly.

 photo 2a235f87-afc1-45e1-9db4-b27b72c957d0_zpsv80wmsuz.jpg

 photo e09a19c2-61a1-4f9a-b24f-2e0e30213a88_zpsfrsct0xg.jpg

We love you Cindy and can't wait for you to be back later in the year!