Monday, March 14, 2016

Bringing in the Sputtering Truck

 photo P3146986-001_zpsfcswctow.jpg
Our Trusty Truck started making horrendous noises last Friday, and we brought it in early this morning to the Service Center.
 photo P3146985-001_zpsluxtsjxq.jpg
Being one who worries about finances, I can't help thinking about how we are going to be spending money to fix the truck, and at the same time, spending money renting a car while we wait for the truck to be worked on. Ugh. I hate this double whamminess.

Anyway, I brought a Bag-O-Stuff for the little boy in case we had to be there longer than expected.
 photo P3146987-001_zpszb92xjof.jpg
We didn't have to wait long for all the paperwork to be done and we were soon traveling home in our little rental - just big enough for the 3 of us and the little boy's car seat.

I miss our truck already.

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