Monday, May 30, 2016

Stay Positive

After tonight's horrendous hail storm, a part of me wishes I could wave my hand and we will have L.A. weather wherever we go. Every Day. For Evah.

But, we have to stay positive and be grateful for all we have and count our blessings and whatnot, but a girl can wish.

ANYWAY, a couple of days ago, our part of the world dried up long enough for us to take the dog out for an evening stroll and catch up with neighbors.
 photo 20160527_204001-001_zpsr0rkrj5v.jpg

 photo 20160527_203706-001_zpsszmxygjm.jpg
I have to say, we have a magnificent view out here in the country.  Wild flowers are in full bloom and we caught a glorious sunset.
 photo 20160527_203914-001_zpsyckcuoxt.jpg
 photo 20160527_203555-001_zpswuh1unqu.jpg
Today after church, we even had a few hours of glorious sunshine where we went for a mini excursion with Uncle Lin ( later post ).

Thank you, Lord for all the precipitation, but could You please make it a little less violent? Thank you. Amen.

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