Sunday, September 04, 2016

The Gladiolus Series.

I don't normally get cut flowers for inside the house, but HEB had been having a sale on Gladioli, and so we had been getting them for $3.99 a bunch for the last few weeks now, and this past week, for $2.99 a bunch!

 photo Aug 31 This Weeks Gladiolus_zpsaznkqkbv.jpg

 photo Aug 17 Gladiolus_zpsmrf03aax.jpg

 photo Aug 15 Gladiolus_zpsu76uqoff.jpg

 photo Aug 08 Gladiolus_zpsbbwp9ja7.jpg

 photo Aug 01 Gladiolus_zpsnlo3luoo.jpg

They certainly do add a lovely splash of color in the kitchen and can be quite magnificent looking.

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