Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Halloween Part 1

Downtown @ First Baptist Church Trunk or Treat

Our Valiant Hero, Luke Skywalker. disguised as a 7 year old boy.

 photo Oct 26 Halloween Downtown_zpstjumifly.jpg

We arrived relatively early, and already the throngs were in full Force, which was no big surprise seeing how this is usually the happeningest party in town this time of year.

 photo Oct 26 Halloween Downtown1_zps4pbz1di6.jpg

This year, the band was no where in sight, tho. That was one thing that I did miss.

 photo Oct 26 Halloween Downtown2_zpsiw8vdovr.jpg

A big part of the excitement for me is seeing all these little adorable kids in their different outfits, having a grand time. I mean, just look at the Girl Power the policegirl below is exuding. And Hulk's body  language just screams attitude. Plus, how could anyone resist a little blonde haired super little man?

 photo Oct 26 Halloween Downtown3_zpseytxifct.jpg

The lines for the games were long as usual, but we managed to do some and get some loot in the process!

 photo c66cc84f-b98b-4585-b164-52b145b59181_zpsh70lt2es.jpg

 photo Oct 26 Halloween Downtown6_zpshd4ay684.jpg

The little boy was a little disappointed at first when a couple of people thought he was the Karate Kid or something, but he brightened up when there were several others who thought that "The Force" was strong with him. :)

 photo Oct 26 Halloween Downtown7_zpsmi1jyh6d.jpg

 photo Oct 26 Halloween Downtown8_zpspkvvspvh.jpg

We had packed a dinner and managed to get some chips that they were giving away to complete the meal!

 photo Oct 26 Halloween Downtown9_zpsdowieq8c.jpg

Another thing that he liked was the little train ride, and he picked the exact same car that he had last year!  He's just getting so big these days, and it gives my heart a little ping to see him grow bigger and bigger each year.

 photo Oct 26 Halloween Downtown10_zpssbrlzoek.jpg

The ultimate, though, would be the Bouncy Castles! Such enthusiasm! Such energy! Such bounciness!!!

 photo Oct 26 Halloween Downtown11_zpsbcghklxl.jpg

to be continued.

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