Saturday, December 31, 2016

Christmas Morning 2016

On Christmas Morning, the little boy was so excited, he woke up early, got into his Festive T-Shirt, and quietly tried to wake us up.
 photo DSC_0246-001_zpshxw1qqji.jpg
He was glad to see that the cookies and milk that had been set out had seen some action.
 photo DSC_0248-001_zpsdjonl8ok.jpg
And then we dove right into the Stockings.
 photo DSC_0251-001_zpskcdbdwgw.jpg
There was some pretty awesome stuff in there. :)
 photo DSC_0253-001_zpsiednbpxp.jpg
and Everything was Wrapped.
 photo DSC_0255-001_zpsdjjta5hb.jpg
We had candy, chocolates, a Scrooge McDuck, a toothbrush, and some shampoo dealies..
 photo DSC_0259-001_zpsdiliwb14.jpg
I got some hand sanitizer and scented wax.
 photo DSC_0260-001_zpskxkqwuhf.jpg
We ALL got some personalized tangerines!
 photo DSC_0262-001_zpsllccknub.jpg
Then it was time to go see what was Under The Tree.
 photo DSC_0263-001_zpsem1qvljx.jpg
Mr. Duckie joined in the festivities with much anticipation.
 photo DSC_0265-001_zps2ahgluyz.jpg
 photo DSC_0268-001_zpskvb3ejna.jpg
 photo DSC_0269-001_zps6xhq4o0l.jpg
 photo DSC_0273-001_zpsmfmidtzm.jpg
 photo DSC_0275-001_zpsoluglkgi.jpg
The Loot :)
 photo DSC_0278-001_zpsvm6rs8zc.jpg

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