Saturday, December 24, 2016

T'is the Season Part 2 aka HEB Feast of Sharing

HEB Feast of Sharing

We were there the first time the Feast was held in Abilene, and we sure weren't going to miss it this time.
 photo Dec 06 HEB Feast of Sharing1-001_zpsifle3ijh.jpg
We met up with Cindy, Walter and the kids din the lobby area of the Civic Center, and already the place was a-bustling with people galore, and the bright lights from the tree shining down on us.
 photo Dec 06 HEB Feast of Sharing2-001_zps8ulzwegy.jpg
The interior of the room where the Feast usually is, was transformed from what we were used to.  There were fancy wavy thingies up at the ceiling, and seasonal red and green lighting.  
 photo Dec 06 HEB Feast of Sharing-001_zpspw7k6jg3.jpg
Even thought it was all full of ambiance and whatnot, the dim lighting did make it a bit difficult to make our way around the place, or see the food very well.
 photo Dec 06 HEB Feast of Sharing3-001_zpswxpvbgod.jpg
The little boy had hoped that it would be peas, carrots and corn rather than green beans, but he appreciated his dinner all the same.
 photo 9d10c60b-c620-40f6-89e2-3508226fcfa8_zpscaj9za5v.jpg
After dinner, there was the usual goofery..
 photo Dec 06 HEB Feast of Sharing5-001_zpswcapc9xf.jpg
Meanwhile, the hubs had been whisked off to be interviewed regarding his thoughts on the occasion by one of the local TV stations! 
 photo Dec 06 HEB Feast of Sharing6-001_zpsdsedbzbw.jpg
After that brief dalliance with fame, we proceeded down the long hall to the Children's Area.
 photo Dec 06 HEB Feast of Sharing7-001_zpsefyyjdjd.jpg
Where we met up with Old Friends!
 photo Dec 06 HEB Feast of Sharing8-001_zpswsfy2evk.jpg
Some of which had made it into our Christmas Cards from years before!
 photo Dec 06 HEB Feast of Sharing16-001_zpsu8hoionw.jpg
Of course, when you have a snowman that pops up out of his own er, bottom, there is bound to be fascinated little ones.
 photo Dec 06 HEB Feast of Sharing9-001_zpsatwrh2iu.jpg
who find delight in accosting inflatable Santas :)
 photo Dec 06 HEB Feast of Sharing10-001_zpsazrfibae.jpg
The children's area was pretty much the same as the years before, with the craft booths, PSA booths and a Meet with Santa corner.
 photo Dec 06 HEB Feast of Sharing11-001_zpsh7rwiw1j.jpg
The little boy dove right into the crafts, and this time I helicoptered very little, if at all.  We parents tend to grow up too :)
 photo Dec 06 HEB Feast of Sharing12-001_zpsw94tnx8o.jpg
It was too funny when Henry would keep on trying to eat the crayons instead of color with them.
 photo Dec 06 HEB Feast of Sharing13-001_zpsk4rpiphb.jpg
 photo Dec 06 HEB Feast of Sharing14-001_zpsi6nxlbyx.jpg
 photo Dec 06 HEB Feast of Sharing15-001_zpseewdmfco.jpg
Several crafts and games later, we actually got in line to see Santa, who was dressed in Blue this year, seeing how his little helpers were all policemen/women.
 photo Dec 06 HEB Feast of Sharing17-001_zpsl5npnmuk.jpg
Finally, before we left, we stopped by the Popcorn Window to get a few boxes of popcorn for the ride home.
 photo Dec 06 HEB Feast of Sharing18-001_zpsorwounun.jpg
The little boy had a grand time, and was thoroughly satisfied at having done all he could that night :)

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