Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Valentine's Overload

I spied a $0.98 pack of heart shaped cookie cutters that I knew I just HAD to have. :)
 photo 20170214_111226-002_zpsortoi0ky.jpg
Turned out, I went a little bit overboard on Valentine's Day.

 photo 20170214_090235-002_zpslm61oyyx.jpg
 photo 20170214_104139-002_zpsstkjdmrw.jpg
 photo 20170214_1042250-002_zps9fqxopcp.jpg
 photo 20170214_104401-002_zps162lpqrg.jpg
 photo 20170214_104532-002_zpsu6hmcouj.jpg
 photo 20170214_104910-002_zpsw8q1fbbq.jpg
 photo 20170214_104946-002_zpscwooxhls.jpg
 photo 20170214_174146-002_zpsrlmetbi1.jpg
 photo 20170214_180012-002_zps0ug01qb5.jpg
 photo 20170214_180046-002_zpsphyfcm7y.jpg
 photo 20170214_180856-002_zps7ybmjtuu.jpg
The Boys, in the spirit of the celebration, sneakily made Chocolate Covered Strawberries and presented them at dinner time. :)
 photo 20170215_093355-002_zpsy0udgief.jpg

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