Tuesday, November 27, 2018

City Sidewalks 2018

These things seem to get earlier and earlier, but it could just be me.

We try to never miss the Christmas Parade or the Lighting of the Tree, so we were there bright and early.

They obviously had some undesired trespassing while waiting for the concrete to dry....

We had to park quite a ways away, as our first destination was the Public Library downtown, where we were hoping to catch...

 the Bell Ringers!
 Then it was off to the bright lights of The Paramount to listen to the Abilene Community Orchestra as they played some popular Christmas tunes.

 With the little boy being just a smidge over 5 feet, it was much easier this time to watch the Parade from the perch at the Post Office building.

 I didn't take many photos of the parade this year.  I figured that I wanted to enjoy the parade and not worry if I would get any Blog-Worthy shots or not.
 The parade this year was longer than it had been in previous years, and so we started our way towards the Civic Center.  There were several Attractions on the Civic Center lawn that we hadn't seen before.
 Like this Dabbing Wolf.
 As usual, we got there as the Orchestra was getting ready,
 as the People filed in slowly..
 And the glee club launched into song... and dance.
 until it was finally time for the Mayor and his Entourage to light the tree.

 Of course, after that, the tradition is to go to the gym/hall and have milk and cookies..
 while we watched some acrobatics from the tumblers and cheerleaders..but the little boy obviously had much running to do instead.
 On our way back to our car, we stopped by the waterfall wall garden/nook, and hey, there was a Santa there, just daring us not to take a picture :)
Till we see you next year, Parade. Don't try to come too soon, though. :)

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