Sunday, September 04, 2005

Fuel Prices on the Mind

I find that I discover more and more about Malaysia

after I came to the States. I suppose being an expat opens you up to questions about your country of origin and I must say my knowledge of all things Malaysian is no where near adequate *hangs head in shame*.

So, as I discover things about America and start comparing them to things back home, I often come across a whole wealth of information about both countries, the latest being what's on a lot of people's minds nowadays, namely,


Back in Malaysia, oil prices are heavily subsidized and regulated throughout the whole country. Every gas pump in Malaysia will show the exact same price per liter ( right now regular gas is at about USD$1.64 per gallon and diesel at USD$1.29 per gallon - don't hold me to this information, my math is real bad ) and if there was a price hike ( ever so often so the country won't sink deeper in debt ), every gas station in the country responds by increasing their prices by the exact amount, all at the same time.

Interesting Info:

Natural Gas Production : Malaysia ranked #9

Petroleum Production : Malaysia ranked #22

Which is why it was soooo bewildering when I first came to the states and saw that every gas station had a different price for their gas, and could raise/lower prices as and when was deemed necessarily, independently. Hence, gas price wars - something that was so foreign to me before and which I know better than I would like to, now - ensue.

I was browsing through my links and came across Tao's blog, where Tao has put up several useful links for checking up on local gas prices, as contributed by observers/consumers all across the US here as well as using the nifty little zip code finder below.

Search for gas prices by US Zip Code

WHAT do we pay for in a gallon of regular grade?


Blackwidow said...

Tell me about it.. you know how much we pay in SF???? $3.50 per gallon. The highest in CA if I'm not wrong.

*~*HollyMarie*~* said...

I wish that the US would do what Malaysia. I think that it would be something great. Sometimes gas wars are good for the consumer, but when gas prices are this high, gas wars usually very rare. Plus, it would be great to just go out and get gas and not have to worry about which one is going to be cheaper.

There are some really great aspects to the US government, but there are a lot of things that need to changed.

*~*God Bless*~*

Big BoK said...

Hey.. Letti,
Gas is all time high here in Canada..!! $4.60/gallon in USD!! Freaking unbelieveable..!! Gas prices can up in a matter of few hours here. The government is crazy..!! we are all furious here..!!

void said...

Interesting research and contrast!

makuahine said...

This is such a depressing topic right now...

Chen said...

interesting info :)

Yeah, we Malaysians are lucky the gov subsidized & regulated the petrol price.. However there's a small price differences between states.. The petrol/diesel price is slightly cheaper in Sarawak, 10 cents cheaper per litre ;)

dreaming-neko said...

we've got you beat in hawaii too, letti! 2.90+ for regular!

SooHK said...

so do you goes around looking for a cheaper petrol station...