Thursday, September 14, 2006

Mr. Station Wagon Speaketh

Makes me think of National Lampoon Vacations....


Thao said...

That brings back memories. I had a friend in HS whose mom owned one for fishing and crabbing. That is what my friend learned to drive in and drive us to school. It stunk and she would take corners at 40mph and we would be on 2 wheels. Those were the days.

tammi said...

Great movie/movies....I love Chevy Chase.
Have you seen the mind blower on my blog?Daddy FOUND my blog.I mean,oh gosh,'s not like I am a monstor or have a zillion things to hide from dear ol Dad....but.....but....well,some things aren't really for him and my step-mom to read about.UuGH! (blushing).
When I talked to him on the ohone he was FURIOUS,thinking I was gona be hunted down by some maniac and killed.
I thought about removing my blog...but...I don't know.I have been blogging sonce 2002,and I really don't want to,ya know?
Anyways....thought I'd pop in and vent and pop out.
luv ya!

Monica said...

It reminds me of the brady bunch!!! I alwyas wanted one