Saturday, May 19, 2007

Comfort Food from Home

My parents sent me a care package..

well, it was actually a Christmas Package that took 3 months by sea to get here, but what the hey, it was full of good stuff :)

Anyway, my parents had sent me a few packets of Keropok Udang ( Prawn Crackers ) which are flour based snacks, mixed with fish, prawns or vegetables. May not sound that great, but it's delicious. The traditional way is to heat up some oil in a wok, and then deep fry the stuff, whereby it would puff up, kind of like what popcorn does in the microwave.

I've discovered you can actually microwave the "raw" keropok and it will still puff up ( for a much healthier snack ) but this one time, I decided to do it the good ol' traditional way :)

Matthew 6:11

"Give us today our Daily Bread"


Anonymous said...

keropok!!!!! chomp chomp chomp chomp

Bad Sheep said...

I love those crackers. I try to fry them myself but they never come out with the right consistency. They are always too hard or too chewy, I don't know what I do wrong!

Monica said...

Very nice, I never heard of them, but I would try them!!!!

Keropok Man said...

tak cukup minyak lah! haha...

maybe you should sun it first. or find ways take the moisture out of the raw keropok, then deep fry them.

it will then balloon big big!

letti said...

yeah keropok man :) I put it in the video that I had skimped on oil :)