Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Of Windy Days and Watches

The wind was gusting up to 40mph today

with tornado watches in the northern part of the state, but the skies were clear where we are. But still, all this wind can get to you after a few days. Plus it wreaks havoc on stuff that's outside.. Fallen potted plants, etc. Oh well.

My pretty juvenile-looking-with-girly-pink-hearts watch from Walmart died the other day - it had an irrepairable fracture.. so we got a new one for me yesterday when we were shopping for stuff to cook on "Letti Thursday".

The New Watch

I'm a sucker for .gifs

Other than that, my sister's family and my mom landed safely in San Francisco on Saturday, and I had called them a few times to talk. My mom's here on a semi holiday/semi helping my sis settle in with her 2 kids while my bro in law's at work. There's nothing like your mom being there when you're moving your family to a foreign place...

"We were gentle among you,
like a mother caring for
her little children."
1 Thessalonians 2:7


The Chansburys said...

ooooo - cool watch, modom! i like!!!! mine is cheapo $30 one from sale for kids - flikflak cause scared jamesy smacks my hand and it breaks. is joanna moving to Frisco permanently? How come you no go and visit? Went to toddler gym for first time today and nearly died. The boy is a RIGHT individual and will not follow the crowd, I tell you! *sigh* tomorrow is Steiner Playgroup and I am quaking in my shoes already...

Anonymous said...

very nice watch! must teach me how to do the gif thingy.
hey you are 123 pounds now. thats my weight 10 years ago. LOL sigh :(

Anonymous said...

oh yeah, two thumbs up for mommy ! She's da best :o)

Tammi said...

You tell your Mom that I said she raised an AWESOME daughter....and tell her I said hi from your net bud!!
Love ya!