Saturday, May 03, 2008

Birthdays and Stowaways

Part 1
Walter celebrated his 89th birthday

a couple of weeks ago, along with Joy, his grand daughter in law.. Cindy made some wonderful shake n' bake/taco seasoning chicken and Judith made a seriously amazing corn casserole.

Walter and Joy

Judith and Stephanie.. who's having a baby BOY!

Cindy lighting the birthday cake while the gang hangs out in the sun room

Happy Birthday Walter and Joy!

Part 2
The Stowaway

Okay.. so today we were getting into the car to go to Walmart to get some supplies. David's shades were on the floor of the truck, which was weird, since he had left them on the dashboard the night before. I get into my side of the truck and I find my little stuffed "naked mole rat" missing from its place on the dash.

David : Wow, it almost looks like the shades were shoved off the dash
Letti : Someone stole my naked mole rat!!
David : You think it could have been one of the outdoor cats?

( there are cats that hang about our yard and property, and that David puts food out for, - not to be confused with the others in the house and catteries. )

Letti : That back window looks like it is cracked open enough for a cat to get in..

We both look around, I even get stuff out of the back seat ... no sign of any cats or any other creepy critters.. so we go about our shopping at Walmart, put our stuff in the back seat and get ready to leave. David gets in the front seat and there is suddenly a commotion and crashing of stuff in the back seat..


Memories of my "cat in the bed almost scratching my eye out" incident flood my brain and I immediately jump out of the car while the frantic cat jumps about in the car, from the front to the back, onto the dashboard, between seats, trying to escape, tail all poofed, and David looks amusingly at me.

Anyway, to make a long story short, the cat calms down, "I" calm down and slowly get into the car, we drive home, open up the back door and the cat zooms off onto the yard and into the brush.

Hoy..*rolls eyes*


makuahine said...

Happy Birthday to Walter, yay!!

And whoa -- cats are nuts :)

taranicole <"3 )~ said...

That is just too much! A cat?! I'm cracking up! :) <"3 )~

mama bok said...

I'll freak out too..!! i donch like cats..!

teddY said...

Happy belated birthday to Walter! Sorry to hear about the cat going berserk in your car, I can feel your fear! A few weeks ago a stray cat came in through the window and hit behind my cupboard. And when I open the cupboard, the squeaking sound scared the cat and it started jumped around the room. I was so scared I rat out of the room and hid in the toilet, haha. When I returned to the room, the cat was gone bit it left quite a bit of dirt and fur on the floor.

Monica said...

HA!!! the cat in the car! that happend once to my friend when I was young we went to the mall with her family and the cat climed up a hole into the trunk!!! we had to go home and drop him off!!!!