Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Doctor's Orders

We had a doctor's appointment today

Everything is progressing along well, and both mommy and baby are doing excellently ( other than mommy's angst over pregnancy weight gain ). One thing the doctor had told us to do a few weeks ago, though, was to get me a flu shot.

So, after the appointment, we swung by David's dad's house, picked him up and went to the Health Department for our flu shots. It wasn't too bad of an experience. The staff was nice, and Walter even teased the nurse some. :)

Afterwards, we went for Taco Tuesday ( yup, that's still going on ) , and David and I drove downtown ( for what David would later call "an extremely cheap date" LOL ) to enjoy the annual Christmas Parade as well as the lighting of the tree at the Civic Center. Will sort the photos out later to post tomorrow.


teddY said...

Hey Letti ;) phew luckily the flu shot went well! You reminded me of my childhood experience of getting shots in my elementary school. We have kids screaming and crying, heh. And the nurses were too busy to comfort the kids (they have about five hundred arms a day to sink the needle in) and so in the end they have teachers to be caretakers :D

Take care :)

Asianmommy said...

The flu shot was a nightmare with my daughter. She tried to run, kick, and scream really, really loudly. Afterward, the nurse felt to need to tell the whole waiting area that it really isn't that bad. :)

Monica said...

Hollywood is maing us all paranoid!!
they are anorexic the entire pregnancy and they lose it immediately because they get a pre planned Cesarean with a tummy tuck all in one(I read it in an article they all get it), they have a personal nutritionist, a personal chef preparing all the diet food, a personal trainer, plus they work out over 6 hours a day because they have nannies around the clock watching their kid after its born!