Monday, February 09, 2009

Getting Ready for Baby

I haven't been home in so long,

I wonder if Malaysians have started having wedding and baby registries. They certainly didn't have them while I was still there. Anyway, it makes things sooooo much more convenient and way easier. I used to wonder what new mothers would do with the 15 identical layette sets that they would receive when the baby was born. :) But this way though, seems a little thick skinned and almost shameless. It's almost like it implies, "Here's what I want/need, GET IT FOR ME".


Anyway, I've tried to get my act together and we're registered at Target for Junior. There is no Babies R Us here in Abilene ( even the Toys R Us closed down a couple of years ago ), and the consensus so far has been if there's no Babies R Us in town, the best place would be Target.

So I've tried to register for stuff that I know we will need, and some little luxuries like gym mats etc for Junior. I've also been told to register for stuff that the mommy will need for nursing and like that, so I've tried to include what I can in there. It may not be the best compilation of stuff, but I tried. If anyone drops by the registry and has any suggestions as to what else I might need or what is on there that is absolutely ridiculously redundant, please please let me know.

Anyway, back to being shameless, I've added a link to the registry on the right sidebar of the blog for er, convenience.


Anonymous said...

Talking about personal care, this is a life saver!


yunayuni said...

hi letti..wishing u all my best wishes to you and junior :)

i am getting married soon. someday i will be the one posting these things. hehehe.

Asianmommy said...

What about a feeding seat? We had one at our house & each grandma's house. Still use it when cousins & friends come over for dinner.

Tammi said...

Good thinking L.
Ohh how nice it would have been to be able to do this online when I was preggy with my 2 girls.At both showers I DID wind up getting the same things several
My how times have changed.
This is so exciting.I would love to be able to drive up for the baby shower.That would be so cool!!

fibrate said...

Hi Letti...was blog-hopping and landed here. Registries aren't catching on yet in Malaysia. A pity. Duplicate gifts are to be expected!

Have a safe delivery :)

edina monsoon said...

hello there...I believe the registry concept is something which should be promoted in Malaysia. Otherwise ( like a friend ) you end up with 5 kettles, 4 sets of tea-pots and at least 6 irons. So yes I'm all for registries. That way you get what you want and will treasure it instead of making a mental note who it came from so you can pass it off as a 'gift" the next season of weddings.