Sunday, February 07, 2010

Luckily only ONE eye is bad.

We went over to watch the Superbowl

at my FIL's today, and because the child insisted on grabbing my glasses each time I held him, I put them down... and promptly forgot to bring them home with me.



And I have no idea where my spare/old ones are.



Asianmommy said...

Uh-oh! How are you able to blog?? :)

letti said...

hi asianmommy :) I have one bad eye, and the other eye is almost perfect vision. Weird, I know, but it helps compensate for times like these :)

edina monsoon said...

oh DEAR!!! I once left my glasses at a benetton shop whilst trying on a sweater ( well okay I tried almost all of them on the shelf and ended up buying nothing). Walked about 5 blocks away and it was only when I tried to look at something properly that I realised I was minus the glasses. My story has a happier ending tho....found it tucked safely between two sweater piles:)

valerie said...

Blah that sucks!
Thankfully I've never left mine anywhere, though I have broken them before. Got hit in the face with a volleyball my first day of camp one year. Glad you have one good eye ;-) I'd be horribly screwed without my glasses now rolf. Hope you get them back soon.

K. Restoule said...

So are you squinting like a pirate? Going ARGHHGH, and walking with a limp?