Monday, April 26, 2010

Lasagna Rolls with Spinach

I had made these a couple of weeks ago,

but David loved them so much, I made it again a couple of nights ago - with leftovers! David says lasagna and pizza taste better as leftovers...


Anyway, I got the recipe from over at Keep Your Diet Real ( they've got amazing step by step photos accompanying the recipe ), tweaking it by using skimmed Ricotta, low salt skimmed Mozarella and wheat lasagna noodles. I also added ground turkey to the sauce part.

I've made the "classic" lasagna a couple of times, but maybe it's because I don't use enough cheese ( *thinking heart healthy* ) or something, but it always ends up weird and falling apart and stuff. So, rolled lasagna was a super idea. It was easy to make and super easy to serve!


Lasagna said...

I love making lasagna roll ups for my kids. They simply love it. Sometimes they help me in the kitchen and they'll even have special markings on specific roll ups that is supposed to be theirs, lol! So, you see, lasagna is not only delicious but fun as well.

Asianmommy said...

Looks delicious!