Tuesday, August 09, 2011


The Wheels of Time are Turning..

I found 3 of these among my jet black ( well, maybe very dark brown ) OTHER strands of hair.


*gasp, shock, horror and last but not least, sigh....*


edina monsoon said...

Yes I felt like that the first time I found a white hair, it's quite the norm these days so I now focus my energy on calming down when I see wrinkles instead. Hee hee

valerie said...

I've had some in my hair for quite a while but they're easier for me to ignore since my hair isn't nearly as dark as yours - however, there's one hiding in my left eyebrow right now and that makes my eye twitch.

Anonymous said...

ONLY 3????!!! Tai tau-mui, you should see mine!!!!!!!!!!! More like 50% hidden under the top but not succeeding very well... *sigh*