Saturday, June 09, 2012

Books, Glorious Books

I'm terribly guilty of telling the hubs that we don't have enough space for this, that and the other in our little house, and I'm constantly trying to find space for stuff, trying to organize and subtract.. etc.

BUT one thing we have come to agree that we will make an exception for, in a big way, is books for the little boy. So, when the annual book sale sponsored by the Friends of the Public Library came around again, we made sure to stop by and see what gems we could find.


It's a massive sale held at the Abilene Civic Center, which was already teeming with people when we arrived. It almost seemed like a big majority of them were gathered around the ONE table I was interested in.. *sigh*. We spent maybe 45 minutes there, with the hubs keeping an eye on the little boy while I tried to go through the selection to find some books for Jaxon..


I might've should've stayed a little longer to go through the books a little bit more, but the sheer volume was making my head swim, but I know we got some gems. At $1.25 an inch for children's books was a bargain to say the least :)

We read some of the books before bed tonight, and the little boy was asking for more, so I know we didn't do THAT badly :)

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Asianmommy said...

Wow--what a huge sale! I love going to the library used book sale. So many great bargains.