Thursday, February 28, 2013

As if I was not outnumbered enough,

Here's our 2 newest Woods boys

Jasper ( Bouvier de Flandres ) 7+ weeks
Jessie ( Coton de Tulear ) 14 weeks

 photo Blog-001_zpsfb11e426.jpg


Anonymous said...

Hi Letti,

Too cute for words. I'll take two please!. Definitely an awww moment.


letti said...

hiya lee! i just wish i knew which lee you are! :) thanks, tho.

Tamara said...

OMG!! How awesome L.!! Your still posting faithfully.I miss hanging w/ you ya know?We have got to find some time to get caught up soon....You've always been such a good friend to me(a non-judgemental friend)and believe me.... non judgemental friends are SOOO hard to come by!
Talk to u soon,I hope.
Headed to go find recent pics of Jax and the rest of the u bunches!

Valerie said...

Oh yay, what fun!!!

Rob and Monica said...

They are soooo cute! (Rob)

Valerie said...

Oh WOW yay!!!

We had a bouvier when I was little - LOVED him. Had another one for a while, too. Great dogs, very protective. The one, when my sister was 2 and took off away from the house, he stayed with her until my dad found her.

If we had property I'd want one now!!