Thursday, April 18, 2013

A Change of Scene

Ever since Grandad passed away, and Stephanie had her twins, we had been having less and less people come to Taco Tuesday.  We ourselves have actually stopped going for a while now, opting either to stay home and cook, or go somewhere else.

One of the places that we've started going to for a few weeks now, is The World Famous Bean at ACU.

 photo 86e59821-f767-4917-807d-8c2418f9dbb9_zps9c9619ae.jpg

We've been there a few times on Sundays after church ( where it is very quiet and we almost have the whole place to ourselves ), and a few more times during the week for dinner ( where it is a little busier with all the students, but nothing we can't hack, I guess ) and then there was the one time we were there for lunch with Cindy and it was absolutely bananas in there. LOL!

Every time we've been there, the menu has been different, which is wonderfully refreshing.  After a bunch of years of tacos on a weekly basis, I'm more than ready for "different". :)

 photo dcb1da72-8404-434b-964d-a46f1fc67fdd_zps0788766c.jpg

It's very affordable, and the boys love it there too, so it all works out. :)

 photo e0ad6392-1676-4f9f-9204-5e8b284a63d6_zpsaa22c74b.jpg

AND the little boy is on first name basis with the ice cream/dessert guy, of course. :)

 photo 0d4f18b9-be8e-4bae-9ece-b9e435b104cb_zps780e8fff.jpg

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McMGrad89 said...

Sweet little man.