Thursday, December 19, 2013

Holiday Happenings 2013

City Sidewalks and City Tree Lighting

We went out with the crowds on an unseasonably warm evening to watch the Parade.  The little boy plopped himself on the street and got comfortable :)
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Towards the end of the parade, we made our way to the Civic Center where the Tree Lighting ceremony was going to take place, along with Christmas songs by the orchestra and singing group.

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HEB Feast of Sharing

This is the 9th year that HEB is doing this in Abilene.  I can hardly believe we were at the very first one they had here.  The line was long, but moved pretty fast.

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The little boy, who loves music and dancing, just couldn't hold all that jivin' in when the kids started their song and dance routine.

 photo 91946668-92df-4da7-b92e-41e1d7d7a899_zpsed6ee2e8.jpg

We stopped long enough to get our face hand painted, and was back in line with daddy.

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Of course, we had to stop by the Children's Area after dinner.
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The little boy built a house for Habitat for Humanity!

 photo 50b7c0e6-ad21-4380-bc71-1b9ca5d433f8_zps0b03e8dc.jpg

He also made a card, trimmed a Christmas Tree, played some games, and pretended to be Groucho Marx.

  photo 5ee8daed-61a0-4a53-b5ef-4572c40d4cb2_zps7d5d5724.jpg

Breakfast with Santa @ Hillcrest and a chance encounter at Petsmart

The little boy was super excited this year to be meeting Santa. :) We wonder if this is the last year that it will be that magical for him :)

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Mummy and Jaxon's Mickey pancakes

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Cookie decorating..

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More crafts galore.

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 photo 5bd346c8-370a-406d-9fef-da10f10567ea_zps0c895017.jpg

The little boy noticed "Santa" leaving and peeked into his er, "domain" for a bit, and exclaimed, "Santa left his sleigh behind!!!"

 photo 549b4252-904f-4b98-b87f-06f40878145d_zpsf7aafffb.jpg

Then we were off to Petsmart to get some stuff for the dogs, and lo and behold, who should we meet there, but the man himself again! Woah. :)

  photo 0a351562-e316-4be3-96e8-cd3cdfa2eeaf_zpsdf5a0863.jpg

To be continued....


Rob and Monica said...

Wow, Letti!
Lots to do and looks like lots of fun! (Rob)

letti said...

Awww, thanks for dropping by, you guys :) It always makes me happy to think of you two :)

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