Saturday, September 20, 2014

True Story

The carbon monoxide alarm goes off in the RV.

We have nothing on in there that would set a carbon monoxide alarm off.  The propane has been off, the fridge is on electric at the moment, and the air con hadn't run in a while.  I blow a fan up toward the detector and wait a few minutes.

It continues to beep every 20 seconds or so, so I go back to the house to tell the hubs.

As I exit the RV, the smell of SKUNK FUNK assaults my nares like nobody's business.

Back at the house, the hubs and I discuss what might have set the alarm off.  I tell the hubs I haven't been tooting excessively in there!

I go back outside and by now, the SKUNK FUNK has lessened somewhat.

I go back into the RV, and the detector has stopped beeping.

Plausible Conclusion : The Skunk Stink was soooo bad outside the RV, it permeated INTO the RV - granted, we have a window that needs to be fixed/sealed, but still - and set the alarm off.

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