Monday, November 17, 2014

Halloween Part 1 Cont'd

We weren't done with the day yet, even after we got back from the Zoo.

We rested for a bit, did a costume changeroo ( well, into a Halloween T-shirt ), and went to Safety City to do the rounds.  I think it was as exciting for the hubs and myself because we had never been into the Safety City compound before.  All those miniature buildings and streets were pretty quaint.
 photo 13_zpsc732f474.jpg
 photo 14_zps52ce7c53.jpg
AND they had the first of many bouncy castles to come....
 photo 15_zps8c9fbafa.jpg
After that, we drove over to Mamo's church, where they were having a grand Fall Festival. We got to catch up with Mike and Stephanie and the kids there.
 photo 16_zpse4d1b7ef.jpg
Jaxon recognized where it was, as being Mamo's church where we would gather for Thanksgiving, Christmas and other family get-togethers. photo 17_zps4c126415.jpg
There were games galore, and the little boy wanted to do just about all of them.
 photo 18_zps4a8bdbb2.jpg
I don't blame him. They looked awfully fun.
 photo 19_zpsdd6be3ae.jpg
Part 2 coming soon!

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