Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Nest to Let

Okay, I just found out after I had typed out the post title, that "to let" meaning "for rent" is mainly British. BUT SO WHAT, I grew up in a country that spoke British English.  Nyeh.

Anyway, I was getting rid of some mistletoe from one of our mesquites and found a nest in the tangled mess.
 photo b3907998-2eb8-4ddf-b29d-545bd467959f_zpstley93z3.jpg
It appeared to be empty, but hey, who knows what might happen later on in the season, aye?
 photo 349b7330-b1de-43bc-af24-74566a6aafab_zpszpdupmea.jpg

 photo eadee073-6d07-4bfb-9529-af718c0199c3_zpsvsinfprb.jpg

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