Sunday, April 06, 2014

The "Old People Trampoline" Park

So, while we were out with the little boy the other day, we stopped by a playground that we had never been to before,

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It had some pretty cool stuff - like this teepee sweat lodge rock climbing thing...

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  photo Blog6_zps5bb6ae56.jpg

"Look, mommy, it's like I'm in a giant washing machine. "

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and guess what? I think we had just as much fun as the little boy!

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Er, the aforementioned "Old People Trampoline", which was really a platform on a springy spring thing.  I know..what far-reaching vocabulary I possess. :P

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And we were all pretty intrigued by the lumpity bumpity slide.

Monday, March 31, 2014

It has/had been an hectic yet awesome week & weekend.

SOMEONE turned a ripe old age of 5 over the weekend, and we had been celebrating just about all week.

Earlier in the week, I had to get my "baking legs" back, and experimented with tinting some icing and whatnot, and so I used half a cake mix and came up with an Om Nom cake :)

 photo Malaysia19_zps882ad840.jpg

 photo Malaysia18_zps3c900e0b.jpg

I have never used fondant and was not about to start anytime soon, and so I did the best I could with tub icing, food coloring and decorating icing.

Birthday Celebration Part 1

Like the years before, the ladies at Bible Class helped the little boy celebrate his birthday as well.

 photo Malaysia2_zpsed4da7d4.jpg

 photo Malaysia_zpsc6ea2477.jpg

He had decided a few weeks before, that he wanted a Mario Bros themed birthday cake, and so I started a Pinterest board to consolidate some ideas.  I knew I would have to come up with at least THREE cakes, because we were celebrating with different sets of people.

The first one was fairly easy - 2 round cakes and a few cupcakes - and a little bit of mediocre piping skills :).

 photo Malaysia1_zps91f53b2d.jpg

The little boy was quite thrilled :)

 photo Malaysia3_zps69671444.jpg

Birthday Celebration Part 2

The next day, we celebrated with the family and some friends at Mamo's house.  It was such a beautiful day and everyone had a great time in Mamo's back yard.

  photo Malaysia15_zps8db8dd37.jpg

  photo Malaysia4_zps3c4773d7.jpg

 photo Malaysia5_zps7b46f895.jpg

 photo Malaysia7_zps22b26fa0.jpg

  photo Malaysia6_zps81effd44.jpg

I just love seeing Jaxon and his cousin Max together.  They are just 6 months apart, and so Jaxon loves playing with him.

 photo Malaysia13_zps3467744e.jpg

As usual, we celebrated with delicious pizza from Sam's.  Mamo made some salad and Cindy brought fruit.

 photo Malaysia11_zps2aa01984.jpg

I told myself that I would make it a tradition to make number cakes every year as one of the birthday cakes, and so this time it was figuring out how to incorporate a Mario design into the number.

This is what I came up with.

  photo Malaysia8_zps326d1739.jpg

 photo Malaysia9_zpsd3a75aa1.jpg

 photo Malaysia10_zps16c762a4.jpg

I had ordered a set of little Mario figurines off of ebay, and thank goodness they got here on time.

 photo Malaysia12_zps686fa678.jpg

The young cousins were also Mario fans, and so it was definitely wonderful to see the boys excited over the cake....

which, by the way, had a surprise hidden in it.

It was RAINBOW/TIE DYE cake :)

 photo Malaysia14_zpsb0192394.jpg

Birthday Celebration Part 3

We celebrated this one at home, with just the little boy, Daddy and me :)

I had some leftover chocolate cake mix, which I used to make mini cupcakes, and just spread icing over the top to make Toad from the Mario games.

 photo Malaysia16_zpsc51ec07b.jpg

Yes, we are now officially 5 :)

 photo Malaysia17_zpsb9d3d55d.jpg

Where has the time gone?? :)

Tuesday, March 25, 2014


My family didn't play mahjong, ever.  Whatever exposure I had to it was by watching Hong Kong movies.  I DO remember ONE time, when I was very little, watching my maternal grandmother play it, when we went on one of our annual trips to visit my mom's family.

Anyway, Xiayu's parents stayed with Cindy for a few months while they were here in the States, and I got a chance to watch them play and learn a thing or two  more about the game.

Pretty neat stuff.

 photo 679d769c-0b43-48e6-a7f7-a7ecd158d11d_zpsff876a86.jpg

Monday, March 17, 2014


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