Saturday, December 09, 2017

City Sidewalks & Christmas Parade 2017

I remember some years when we had to bundle up in umpteen layers just to keep warm, but this year, a light jacket was all we needed.


Almost all available parking spaces were already taken when we got there ( and we were earlier than previous years ), with cars circling parking lots, hoping to catch someone leaving.


The streets were teeming with people, vehicles, kids, strollers, chairs, you name it.


We gravitated towards The Paramount, where the orchestra was about to start playing.


A big part the parade for me is actually being among the crowd. with all the sights, sounds and smells of the season in the air :)


And of course, being Asian and trigger happy with the camera is another one of the best parts. You never know what gem you might come up with if you just keep pressing that button.





We were hoping to see Joyce ( Cole ) there, as we had in previous years, but we couldn't catch any glimpses of her.  We still enjoyed all the lovely music though.


One thing I was thankful for, was THESE things scattered about downtown. 


We walked over to the Civic Center, hoping to get a good vantage point to see the parade from,


but we were really too far away, and the lights set up by the TV Stations just washed everything out when they weren't blinding you with their megawatts.


Ya, after a few minutes of THIS, we were ready to get a little closer to the action.


Both the little boy and I were much happier, because it just doesn't seem like you've been to the parade unless you've had your face right up to it.







We DID make our way back to the Civic Center though, for the next part of the night, which was The Lighting of the Community Tree.


We tried to get in a little before the parade ended, just so we didn't have to push around with the throngs to get a place to sit.  A bonus for that was watching the orchestra and the performers rehearse as they were getting prepared.




And before you knew it, it was time for the lighting of the tree by our New Mayor.


Isn't it glorious? :)


Thursday, December 07, 2017

It finally feels seasonal

The temperature has been barely above freezing all day.  And now that the sun has gone down, the temperatures have decided to plummet as well.

Fullscreen capture 1272017 111047 PM.bmp-001

Even though it was cold and the wind was making it waaaaaay worse, we still had to go get the mail and whatnot.  So, the little boy and I put on our coats and tried to be brave :)


Thank God for a warm and cosy home to come back to, though.

Friday, December 01, 2017

Thanksgiving 2017

The day started off with a very excited little boy DVR'ing the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade just in case we didn't get to watch it for any reason.

Nov 23 Macy's Thanksgiving Parade-001

Of course, we all woke up in time and watched most of it before we were to be at Mamo's church for Thanksgiving Lunch.

Nov 23 Macy's Thanksgiving Parade2-001

The boys decided to turn on the tablet and participate in Verizon's 360 live view of the parade and decided it was quite exciting, if not novel.

Nov 23 Macy's Thanksgiving Parade1-001

This year I hadn't prepared much compared to the last few years.  Cindy was bringing The Turkey and Judith and Stephanie would bring A Ham each, and so we brought our usual Cranberry Relish and a store-bought Chocolate Cream / Creme Pie.  I figured that just about everyone would bring a traditional Pumpkin or Sweet Potato or Pecan Pie, and I needed to bring something different :P

Nov 23 Thanksgiving at Oldham Lane-001

Judith had said that they were expecting 70 people to show up.  Each  year, Judith extends an invitation to her church  members and anyone who might not have a place to go for Thanksgiving was welcome to come.

Nov 23 Thanksgiving at Oldham Lane1-001

There was definitely enough dessert to go around several times.

Nov 23 Thanksgiving at Oldham Lane2-001

And the food. 

Nov 23 Thanksgiving at Oldham Lane3-001

It was a good time for Jaxon to catch up with cousins he hasn't seen in a bit, and I think he had a blast.

Nov 23 Thanksgiving at Oldham Lane4-001

He is really sweet with the young ones, and it was gratifying to see them playing alongside each other so sweetly.

Nov 23 Thanksgiving at Oldham Lane5-001

It was also a good time for us to catch up with friends WE hadn't seen in a while either.

Nov 23 Thanksgiving at Oldham Lane6-001

Over Very Good Food.

Nov 23 Thanksgiving at Oldham Lane7-001


Nov 23 Thanksgiving at Oldham Lane8-001

Hannah celebrated her 2nd birthday with us! She may not look too thrilled, but it may have been nap time :)

Nov 23 Thanksgiving at Oldham Lane9-001

I LOVE that Allen and Anastasia are wonderful with their younger cousins and are never too old to hang out with them.

Nov 23 Thanksgiving at Oldham Lane10-001

Nov 23 Thanksgiving at Oldham Lane11-001

Nov 23 Thanksgiving at Oldham Lane12-001

Later that evening, we watched an amazing sunset as we drove  towards Stephanie's for Leftovers and more family fun :)

Nov 23 Thanksgiving Sunset-001

It was Glorious.

Nov 23 Thanksgiving Sunset1-001

We also passed by Walmart, and its parking lot was FULL. 
People were in Walmart on Thanksgiving Day, shopping for pre-Black Friday.
I don't know how I feel about that.

Nov 23 Thanksgiving Sunset2-001

I tried to take a photo of the boys watching the Cowboys' game, but instead, the camera decided to focus on Ace's very intense gaze. 

Nov 23 Thanksgiving Dinner at Stephanie's-001

Photos of the other family members turned out much better.

Nov 23 Thanksgiving Dinner at Stephanie's1-001

I mean, these two girls still look cute even when while chewing!

Nov 23 Thanksgiving Dinner at Stephanie's2-001

One Word : Cousins

Nov 23 Thanksgiving Dinner at Stephanie's3-001

I tried to get a "proper" photo of the kids, but had plenty of ones like THESE.

Nov 23 Thanksgiving Dinner at Stephanie's4-001

And the only semi acceptable one still had Ace being super intense.

Nov 23 Thanksgiving Dinner at Stephanie's5-001

THIS one, though, is my favorite.

Nov 23 Thanksgiving Dinner at Stephanie's6-001