Monday, February 08, 2016

Year of the Monkey

Happy Chinese New Year, Y'all!

Superbowl 50

I'm not a football fan, but the hubs is, and he asked sweetly if I could prepare some Superbowl fare :)

This is what we came up with...

Mini mashed potato/ham/cheese crescent cups
 photo P1010878-001_zpsvbur2tez.jpg

 photo P1010891-001_zps3zeff0mz.jpg

Bacon wrapped jalapeno cream cheese poppers
 photo P1010886-001_zpswrdgd1zo.jpg

 photo P1010884-001_zpsdqxego0i.jpg

Kale Salad
 photo P1010879-001_zpsuziuwefr.jpg

Baked Buffalo Wings YUM
 photo P1010872-001_zpssnrhlata.jpg

 photo P1010873-001_zps9fxtvkod.jpg

Thursday, February 04, 2016


I can't believe Cindy had been in Abilene for 3 months over Thanksgiving and Christmas, and is now back in Zambia. I know Jaxon misses her terribly.

 photo 2a235f87-afc1-45e1-9db4-b27b72c957d0_zpsv80wmsuz.jpg

 photo e09a19c2-61a1-4f9a-b24f-2e0e30213a88_zpsfrsct0xg.jpg

We love you Cindy and can't wait for you to be back later in the year!

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Martin Luther King Jr. Day 2016

The little boy and I have covered MLK Jr. Day in years past in our studies.  This year was not different, as we covered just a little bit more material than previous years.  What threw me for a loop this year however, was the little boy suddenly turned to me and said, "Mommy, are there any events for MLK Jr. Day in Abilene?"

Well, there is an annual march/walk over the MLK Jr. Bridge in Abilene.  The hubs and I discussed it, and decided we would go this year.

 photo P1186731-001_zps6c1mlbmf.jpg

We arrived just about on time, but the march had started.  

 photo P1186732-001_zpsdofomjhj.jpg

We caught up eventually, 

 photo P1186735-001_zpszobjo0zb.jpg

and soaked in the positivity radiating off everyone there.  

 photo P1186736-001_zpsldjzbzys.jpg

 photo Jan 18 Martin Luther King March-001_zpswejdwhbm.jpg

 photo P1186740-001_zpsr9sahjda.jpg

I'm glad the little boy gets to be a part of something bigger than ourselves and that we get to incorporate what we have around us into our school work.

 photo P1186751-001_zpswmjpmm0x.jpg

 photo P1186753-001_zpslbfvu3hv.jpg

 photo P1186755-001_zpsrr4lff7u.jpg

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Throwback Tuesday

We had these glorious days in December - what with Fall arriving supremely late and everything - and even now in the "Dead'O'Winter", there is lush green grass around our house. Hoy.

ANYWAY, we went to the playground a few times when the leaves were at their most glorious :)

 photo PC116433-001_zps0gr6knkx.jpg

 photo PC116435-001_zpsibqjv3ra.jpg

 photo PC116436-001_zpsw29zyqtn.jpg

 photo PC116440-001_zpslt8xk5qk.jpg

 photo PC116441-001_zpsyxeq4cj9.jpg

 photo PC116443-001_zps34dxttmy.jpg

 photo PC116446-001_zpsuqge3lv4.jpg

 photo PC116449-001_zpsifti9kdw.jpg

 photo PC116452-001_zpsttfgwbse.jpg

 photo PC116455-001_zpscfdm8zdz.jpg

 photo PC046367-001_zpspwxkzf0f.jpg

 photo PC046365-001_zps0uvomkqc.jpg

 photo PC046363-001_zpssqhhixot.jpg