Friday, April 03, 2015

The Little Boy turns 6

The little boy turned 6 earlier this week.

I could go on about how surreal it is that 6 years have gone by in the blink of an eye, yet it seems like a lifetime ago that we brought him home from the hospital, but for now I think I'll just let the photos do the talking. :)

Birthday Party #1 with Ladies' Bible Class

Most of these ladies have known the little boy from the time he was the size of a blueberry inside of me, and have watched him grow up, week by week, to be such a sweet little man. :)

 photo d9e0f7a7-e6c4-4ec3-a375-7a40e835a7cf_zpsjfczlmm6.jpg
This year was a Ninja Turtle themed year.  The funny thing is, the little boy does not know any of their names, and has never watched a single episode of the TMNT cartoons or any of the movies.  And yet, he just likes the idea of them or something. 
 photo 0570da9d-60e2-4437-ad88-97840f05272c_zps9rmjaqdg.jpg
It was worth the little extra work on the cake and presents to see his excited face as he came running into our room after class was over.
 photo 311a66da-a5af-4426-8ec9-fc369d6cfa9e_zpsslqu1x1l.jpg
He was thrilled at the cake,
 photo 1672615f-52bf-4778-8b4e-c69c56607c5a_zps8strsrwl.jpg
but really, he couldn't wait to get his hands on the presents :)  The ladies were very kind to bring fruits and awesome craft birthday cards, and a few even brought presents and gave birthday money!
 photo 7ea654ef-2574-4574-9f1a-59f6f07518d4_zps0uqqhato.jpg

Birthday Party #2  Celebration with Family at Mamo's House

Judith was ever so gracious and offered up her backyard yet again so we could have a place to have the little boy's party.  It is just the most conducive place ever, with backyard space for little boys to romp around in, a shaded area with a picnic table, swingset etc. 
 photo ade0e731-16a0-4127-b1b4-2c7e01c7785f_zpslsq1sazq.jpg
Google is a good friend when it comes to coming up with ideas for themed birthday parties. :)
 photo b0db45f0-313d-4f4d-a258-2a28c1ee2eec_zpsmxg7pmul.jpg
I tried to keep it simple, with a few touches here and there, like the masks for the kids, special water bottle labels and a ninja watermelon. :)
 photo c08dabd0-656a-4bff-9618-0d06234e4b32_zpswdqemhkn.jpg
Judith had just finished painting the chairs that had come from Grandad's house, different colors and the little boy promptly sat on the green one, what with it being the TMNT motif and all. :)
 photo ea507916-cf0d-4036-be9a-f0b58a0086e2_zpsfajpgrtn.jpg
Before long, the cousins arrived and it was play, play, play.
 photo ddfc75cd-90db-4bda-a4b8-d531fce05bb9_zps0q1vyjyr.jpg
As I have said before, I am so thankful that the little boy has a cousin about his age.  There are only 6 months between Max and him, and so they just click very well together.  They are both interested in soccer at the moment, and so spent a bit of time kicking the soccer about. ( no pics, unfortunately - I must have been busy setting stuff up )
 photo 11b4464b-20e9-41c9-82b0-837427086d91_zpsx8dyyare.jpg
At first they were all lightsabers and rifles, and then Max started showing how to twirl his weapon :)
 photo c1cd3c50-6748-4115-a323-f82c2eb0615d_zpszrblt6dj.jpg
I mean, just look at those 2 together.
The LITTLE ones, I mean :)
 photo 1bfad99f-9907-404b-88e1-7d0872f40da3_zpstnbmwzme.jpg
Of course, when you have all these little boys together in one place, you MUST gather them up for a photo :)
 photo bc2d4a7c-f9fe-480c-af9f-fa74f36d7770_zpstpa47nuv.jpg
It can be hard to get them all still and looking at the cameras at the same time, but they were all very sweet. :)
 photo ab68250b-269e-45ac-9ef1-5d308cc35beb_zpscdmhe3zg.jpg
And what is a Ninja Turtle themed party without PIZZA?
Well, to be honest, it would have been pizza whether or NOT it was a Ninja Party. 
 photo ba545d3e-d0cd-4f2d-a6b0-70a489fffaef_zpscdj0s3ej.jpg
I am probably repeating myself, but I told myself that I would make a number cake every year.  The number 6 is a mite tricky, and I didn't even bother to cut out the "o" - opting for a piece of chocolate in its place instead.  Heh.  Oh, and I had ordered the figurines off of Ebay and they got here in time!
 photo 0341749a-e8cb-4acd-abd6-b0ea6c0004dd_zpsyw2rr0cz.jpg
I love it that Max was just as excited as well :)
 photo b01d3b6e-e70a-4fc7-abbc-e7b08b44ce13_zpsx861zsco.jpg
The little boy got lots of great gifts,
 photo 093e50a4-a451-4971-be1a-33fd57a454b9_zps09n7xznb.jpg
and we asked Mamo and Uncle Jim for some batteries and were soon deep into the Minion Operation game. :)
 photo 5df9b25f-0b4f-4cc8-84bf-4775def68980_zpsxyzkqb9k.jpg

Birthday Party #3  Just the 3 of us

Birthday party #1 had been on the day we had bible class; Birthday party #2 was when family members could make it, and Birthday party #3 was at home on the actual day, with just the 3 of us.

 photo 6b2ddb6e-eb3a-4691-bf66-5cf876f53079_zpsqcf4smdb.jpg
I didn't want to make yet another cake, what with there being leftover cake in the fridge and whatnot, and so I decided to go with an Almond Joy pudding pie.
 photo 7220f9d1-7374-4538-878a-bd190d6a46fe_zpsdziczm8g.jpg
Boy, it was goooooooooood.
 photo d0b5b61d-4228-4642-a776-c06f9f6ed179_zpsldfmiipf.jpg
Oh, and the little boy has already put in a request for an Avengers' themed birthday celebration next year.

Hoy. :)

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Nest to Let

Okay, I just found out after I had typed out the post title, that "to let" meaning "for rent" is mainly British. BUT SO WHAT, I grew up in a country that spoke British English.  Nyeh.

Anyway, I was getting rid of some mistletoe from one of our mesquites and found a nest in the tangled mess.
 photo b3907998-2eb8-4ddf-b29d-545bd467959f_zpstley93z3.jpg
It appeared to be empty, but hey, who knows what might happen later on in the season, aye?
 photo 349b7330-b1de-43bc-af24-74566a6aafab_zpszpdupmea.jpg

 photo eadee073-6d07-4bfb-9529-af718c0199c3_zpsvsinfprb.jpg

Monday, March 23, 2015

On A Chilly Evening's Walk with Mah Boys

 photo c0372b65-6251-4042-adb0-b9dff92cda90_zpsykjjw5op.jpg

 photo c46d6d18-84c3-4a1c-bb16-0fd823b9b5a4_zpsnvsubrik.jpg


The Earth wakes up with much splendour :)

 photo 32a06acb-85ce-408d-89d2-ffbb6878e391_zpsb73utt2b.jpg

 photo 30b24cef-27de-44da-adc7-6631cdf19a73_zps92qkgjec.jpg

 photo 0b3f2b0b-bea9-4663-b1a2-6c913a47de4a_zpskhpwnigx.jpg

 photo 17a64ca1-c32f-45d4-ba1b-d93d59a3cab7_zps0lsnwvsx.jpg

 photo ef810395-5b26-41cf-9a8c-868b6490b634_zpsfxggp8nm.jpg

 photo 8f2ade3d-d94f-449f-ba40-b43f386edf16_zpsseyfs9fi.jpg

Friday, March 20, 2015

Snowmageddon 2015

It took a while, but here it is.  Proof that Abilene was actually part of Snowmageddon 2015.  We may not have been hit by anywhere near what the folks in the North East got, but this was a whole lotta snow for these here parts.

 photo 1_zpsu6krpsa0.jpg
All that snow was interspersed with freezing rain, which is never fun.
 photo 2_zps9ueheskb.jpg

The following photos may necessarily be in chronological order, but it was all in the span of about 4 days or so.
 photo 3_zpskrnae9sq.jpg
I was really glad we had gotten a pair of high tech water proof thermalblahblah gloves for the little boy because he would never have lasted very long out in the snow without them.  I think I got them at Dittos for Kiddos for a very very reasonable price.
 photo 5_zpsgbbipeji.jpg
Who cares about clothes that get covered with snow when you can make snow angels!?
 photo 6_zps5pxkxppr.jpg
We spent some time building snowmen, forts and castles,
 photo 4_zpswpgkro3u.jpg
 photo 8_zpsrdfz1e5p.jpg

And managed a very short game of soccer while we were outside..
 photo 7_zpsi25gzcjl.jpg
When you are a little boy of 5, there are endless things you can do with snow.
We adults tend to forget how to be kids after a while, so having one around is highly educational :)
 photo 9_zpsu4sqs6iu.jpg
We took walks and pretended to do some ice fishing,
 photo 10_zpsdeszfqvg.jpg
and even roped Jasper in as a sled dog.  HE had amazing fun, and was crazy strong!
 photo 11_zpskenpwej0.jpg
We marveled at how the muddy puddles had the consistency of slushies.
 photo 12_zpsmaqxtgkn.jpg
We also found some animal tracks .
 photo 13_zps7kqyurmo.jpg
We had to go out to town at one point, and everywhere was just white white white and more white.
 photo 14_zpss9tm09uf.jpg
When it finally thawed some and refroze, we had crunchy crispy snow and ice to play with.
 photo 15_zpsgpfiahql.jpg
It was fascinating to see all of it thaw - of course, I was no fan of all the mud it left behind, but what a marvelous time we had, and we sure needed the moisture.
 photo 16_zpsequtlmbm.jpg