Saturday, March 17, 2018

Kitty Juvy

The Wonder Cat is still a growing kitten after all, full of curiosity and well, wonder.


However, when she gets too rowdy, it's into the bathroom she goes, for a short time out until she settles down a bit.

So far, she likes ending up in the sink, all curled up. I don't have a picture of that, though. I'm sure she will get into more scrapes and very soon, at that.

Internet Woes

We don't have good internet out here. Not even moderately pathetic. Near the bottom of the barrel type figures would be more like it, I'd say.  We have learned to live with what is available to us,

but when you get THIS on occasion, even I will get a bit livid.


NEVER cross the streams!

#ghostbusters proton streams in the sky


Nip Nip Nipping on my Arm

Jaxon got a little white kitten a while back - "Silky Manja The Wonder Cat With Pumpkin Highlights Woods". ( longish story )

She has pretty much decided she owns the place, and that my arm is a personal chew/nipping toy.
Feb 16 Silky Nips my Arm-002
We still adore her, though, the little rascal.

One month on..

I hurt my right foot a little over a month ago.

A wooden saw horse fell on it.

Yeah, it was pretty bad. This photo does no justice to the bruise that developed.
In fact, it was so swollen and painful to walk on, that a day or two later, I was afraid that I had fractured something in there.
So we went to the clinic to get an XRay and thank goodness, it was just a very very bad contusion & soft tissue damage.
Fast forward to today and weeks of being bandaged later, -  I still can't flex my toes all the way without feeling some tightness, but it is healing and I am grateful it was not any worse.