Friday, December 17, 2004

Better Late than Never


THAT'S why!

I was a doctor back in Malaysia, but for the one year that i've been here, i haven't been working cos i'm not licensed to work yet. There are like 4 steps to the US Medical Licensing Exam which every foreign person or International Medical Graduate has to sit for, which takes anything from a year to several years to pass. ( And there isn't a shortage of people who totally give up after repeated tries either). So in between trying to study ( er.. ), housewifey chores and pursuing interests ( namely photography, art & crafts, reading, cooking etc.), I do not really have rigid regime i have to follow, unlike when i was a medical student or worse still, when i was doing my internship at Ipoh Hospital and then a medical officer at Gerik Hospital ( and man oh man, do i remember THOSE days all too clearly ).

So nowadays, if i have a late night, i just get up a little later the next day. Which brings us back to the topic, what's so different about Fridays?

Well, Friday mornings are when Cindy comes and gets me for Bible Classes. I've been a Christian for about 4 years, but hadn't really taken the time to learn more about the Word and that has always made me feel guilty even though I have complete faith in God.

So if getting yanked out of slumber with the alarm clock beeping its brain off once a week is the price to pay now that i am a sloth, i would say it was a superb bargain :)

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