Sunday, December 26, 2004

Earthquake and Tsunami in Asia

Malaysia was not spared. I couldn't get my family on the phone cos they were at work etc. Thank God their state was not hit by tsunamis as it was buffered by the Indonesian island of Sumatra. My mom's family however, is in Penang where the tidal waves hit worst. I will try calling again in a few hours.

4 hours later : UPDATE

Got my family on the phone and everyone's mom got hold of HER family in Penang and everyone's safe there aunt and cousin even witnessed the tidal wave from a nearby hotel window!*phew* *silent prayer*

The postman rang at their end while i was on the line with them AND THEIR PRESENTS ARRIVED!!! YIPPEEEE!!!!!!!


RuKsaK said...

I've got friends in Penang and Southern Thailand who I haven't heard from yet. I'm getting very worried.



chunu said...

Hope you hear from Penang soon and that all is well...

Anonymous said...

Good to know everyone from your family's alright. God bless.


-marshiee- said...

Dearest Yi Chieh,

Hi HI *yawn*. I can't sleep, so I logged on to check out your side. I think it's the HOr Yan Hor tea. Drank it because feeling like gonna fall sick.

I must say, your its REALLY REALLY good!! I'm envious! Well done well done *pat on the back* Hehhe :D You must teach me some of the HTMLs when we meet. Thanks to you and David for all your awesome pressies. I loved them. The jeans accessory thingy was so cute. I put it on and showed mommy and jo and glendon and then wore it to dinner :) The organiser and bag is really cool too. I'd definitely use it them for work.

Actually I dont know where to post this messages so I decided to put it in the comment column. Yikes :) AM I flooding. Blek :P

Tomorrow (today) is Papa's birthday. I bought a P.Ramlee 20 greatest hits compilation for him and the promoter thought I was a Malay and spoke to me in BM. Good grief. Anyway will probably be bringing him out for lunch or dinner..

So I better stop flooding here. It was great to talk to you today . Have been missing you lots.

I bought you and David a little souvenir each from my Hong Kong trip :) Will give you guys when we meet :)
By the way yi chieh, I also gatal nak kahwin. Can't wait till the boyfriend proposes..hehehe but that would be in another few years lah.

Remember when we were younger you all always said I would be the first to get married...Look at what happened..I'm the last! Hahhahahah

Take care and love ya!

leona said...

Thank God all is well, thanks for coming by too.