Saturday, December 25, 2004

Going Postal

I have always believed only the best of postal services everywhere but..

We sent a package via priority mail or whatever fancy name they call it, to my family in Malaysia 2 weeks ago, and the lady at the counter promised us that it would get there in 6 to 10 days..and i think to myself.."ah, plenty of time to get there and sit under the tree for a few days"

So, i call my sister up today a little after midnight ( it's already lunch time Christmas Day over there ) and she says, "WHAT PRESENTS!?"

If I still believed in Santa, this would be what I would love to think happened,
rather than the postal service screwing up. Oh well..maybe it's too early to speculate.

1 comment:

Desmond Goh said...

Hi Letticia, I hope your sister gets her present soon. I don't trust postman here at all. Better send by Fedex.

Merry Christmas!!!