Thursday, December 09, 2004

Procrastination Stinks, but oh, Whistle While you Work


We did all the last minute shopping at Ross for my family back in Malaysia for Christmas and amazingly enuff, got things for everyone except Carter there. However, I did have fun shopping for them..but i am terrified at having to do this again in a year..*laugh* There's just that many things that screams "oooooh! That would be perfect for So-and-So" and we ALL want to get that perfect thing that everyone always wanted, don't we?

Had dinner at Furr's before embarking on the massive shopping, my argument to david being that we would need to walk all that calories off and i didn't think i could do all that shopping before hand and not like, die of hypoglycaemia, like what i'm always complaining to him. His argument was that after eating we would probably say, "OMG I cannot possibly even get up now, much less shop for stuff!" *hehe*

Anyhow, by the time we got back home after another stop at Walmart, it was MIDNIGHT! Eeeek..we are such shopping fiends! The lights did look pretty though, even though they were far from finished.

Today I wrapped up all the presents and we strung up more lights ( still not over with - re: topic of the day ) and it's just so heartbreaking to know that by 1st Jan 2005 they have to be made dormant till like after Thanksgiving next year. I asked David why we couldnt keep them on longer and he said, "'s bad luck". Oh, as if. Well, i told him we would have to light them up for Chinese New Year's then! ( gee, when is THAT, i wonder )

Tomorrow we'll be going off to JC Penney to exchange a gift for Winnie and Marsha and then it's a mad dash to the Post Office so that the parcels can get sent off in time for Christmas under the tree back in Malaysia. Which reminds me I have to wake up early *groan* for the bible study class tomorrow..not that i don't wanna go, but if only there was a way to get around waking up at 8 am..*laugh* I have become such a sloth, i am too amazed.

Faretheewell till the morrow.

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