Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Winter Wonderland

our lights are all up and so pretty. I've never had lights put up anywhere near the way THIS has been done, so it's pretty exciting. See what you all think. p/s all the pics were taken standing on a chair and resting the camera on david's head cos i didn't have a tripod ( he thought i ought to mention that..*hehe*)

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MsPurrfect said...

I am very impurressed...wow what electricity bills u must have!!
I leave my faerie lights on all year round..i have them in the kitchen as a nightlight and the living room as flashing disco lights (four sets in living room) and around the window in the parlour so i can see where i am going at night ;)))..oh and purple faerie lights in my computer room...!!!
Why is that bad luck!!!!?????!!!!!!
Thank you Letti for sharing bits of your life.
Your faeriegoddessmama loves u to bits....meeoooww ..you purrfect faeriegoddesschild ..meoowwwww :P) xoxoxox