Tuesday, January 18, 2005

The Eccentric in Us

I don't like DiCRAPio (sic),

but we watched The Aviator last night.

It was a good movie and Howard Hughes IS quite THE eccentric, but in a way, I could relate to him. No, i do not wash my hands furiously till they bleed because I'm a germaphobe, nor do I have extravagant amounts of wealth to flaunt, but I related to the OCD part of him.

I'm not a true obsessive compulsive, but I do find myself locking and unlocking the car door with the remote deal several times over and over to make sure I actually DID lock it, and before I leave the house, sometimes I have to check the stove several times. And I find myself being like "Monk" sometimes in that if I see a picture on the wall that is a little askew, i'm itching to straighten it even if it was in someone ELSE's house.

Not too long ago, I came across a blog of a lady who WAS diagnosed with OCD, and who was quite crippled by it because she said that she often tries to get some things done so perfectly that an enjoyable family gathering or activity becomes really stressful and makes her frustrated and angry.

That's how I am sometimes too. Getting caught up with wanting things a certain way and getting so lost in all the stress that I forget the people around me whom I'm supposed to be enjoying doing the thing with in the first place.

So that is going to be a resolution. To worry less and live more.


-ms jumbled mind- said...

I watched diCRAPio too.. and I thought he was excellent acting as an eccentric. I think they should cast him in all such shows. Such as the mental case in Gilbert Grape. I think such shows require very little acting skills on his part *ROFLMAO* But yeah I would have to agree that the show itself was good.

I watched National Treasure (nicholas cage) too and its quite good as well. By the way, I do the remote control thing too. Haha

Animesh said...

I guess all of us are obsessive compulsive to some extent. I like to wash my hands a lot :)

Anonymous said...

you don't like dicaprio?!!??! sheesh :P titanic destroyed him but i think overall he's a versatile actor.

btw get a halo scan or something lah...


JamesO said...

I can't keep still unless my attention is fully taken up with what I'm doing. It drives my partner mad when we're watching telly and I pick things up, play with them, put them down again. Likewise, she refuses to drive me anywhere because I just fidget. It's not her driving, just that there's nothing to keep me occupied.

So does this mean I have Tourettes? I don't think so. But somewhere along a line of brain-dead to hyper-active we all find our place.

As for Leonard, I've only seen him in Catch Me If You Can, which hardly managed a five on the fidget-o-meter.

Thanks for the comment on my blog, by the way. It's always nice to be noticed. ;}# (bearded smiley!)

TwistedNoggin said...

If you relate to a bit of OCD, you should read Children of the Mind, by Orson Scott Card. Its from a sci-fi series that begins with Ender's Game, so if you like sci-fi I'd reccomend reading the whole series, but each book can stand on it's own. Children of the Mind is set on a planet with a genius culture sprung from Asian heritage. Some extra-special geniuses are "spoken to" by the Gods in odd ways, which are actually types of OCD behaviors. Any of us with the occaional odd, obsessive quirks can relate, and it's an interesting story written by a terrific author.
oh yes, and DiCaprio is pretty lame - fame makes people so annoying. I was impressed with his acting, though, in Gilbert Grape before his notariaty made him seem so obnoxious.