Friday, April 15, 2005

Happiness is..

When someone invites you over...

for some authentic home made chinese food ...

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Whole Tilapia, Glutinous Mushroom Rice and Bamboo Chicken



Agnes said...

Wow ... she is a really good friend ... a keeper!

Raven the Pagan said...

I hate fish whole with the head. I find it hard to eat something while it's looking back at me. LOL The other stuff looks great! Chickens get their heads removed before cooking. A big plus in my book. :)

Ria said...

Mmmmmm food looks so nice! You should have a little recipe page in your blog Letti, its not fair when you post photos like that! Lol I hope you enjoyed it, looks delish

SiaoChaBoa said...

Wow.. yer so lucky..! Wished i had friends like that here.. ;)

Sharron said...

That is such a wonderful thing to enjoy dinner at a friends house, especially when they've prepared it. There is just something very comforting and nice about it. Not into whole fish, but the rice looks yummy!

KEF said...

OOoh those fishes reminds me of home :)

makuahine said...


Curious as to if anyone ever looks at you strange when you take photos of food? ;-) When we took those ones of our dishes on that day out last month, you probably remember, the waiter came by and asked if we worked for their competitors. ;-)

Mmmm me want Chinese food now!!

letti said...

Agnes: Hehe, i got invited again for next week!

Raven: David says the same thing..that if something's looking at him, he ain't eatin' it. Hey, I eat chicken heads's our culture, what can i say

Ria: Recipe page...sounds like an idea :)

Mrs T: I say, you have your lovely husband and MIL already what!

Sharron: Yup, anytime I don't have to cook and it's great food, I'm up for it..hehe

KEF: was can steam it too..yummy

Makuahine: Nah, I can be very shy, but when it comes to taking pictures, i can be quite shameless..LOL

Clint said...

Mmmm, looks yummy. I still haven't gotten over that Asian whole fish thing- head and all right? I guess as much as I love Asian food, that's one thing that's still a little beyond my American stomach.

Gene Lim said...

ohhhh boyyyyyyy u lucky one! I love steamed fish very much!! ehhehe..but to buy fish in Hamilton very expensive eh.

abt the glutinous rice..walaueh..she is really good cook eh..
can teach ar? recipes please? hehehe

Queen said...

hi letti,

I had dinner at the new Bangsar Seafood yday. Butter crab, steam fish, vietnam prawns, mixed vege, sharks fin, ginger venison, and fried rice..

ops did i just made you miss home? :)

Anonymous said...

My Adventures in the US of A

Gravatar wow!! that looks yummy!!
Michelle | Homepage | 04.16.05 - 1:06 am | #

Gravatar OH MY GOD.... THIS looks absolutely yummyyyyyyy ........ now, I'll stop drooling and get myself something to eat .. *winks* ... speak later sweetie
kay | Homepage | 04.16.05 - 4:52 am | #

Gravatar Every time i read your blog, it just make me feel happy. I think your life is so wonderful and meaningful as compare to mine.
mrkiasu | Homepage | 04.16.05 - 8:22 pm | #

Gravatar mr kiasu: I guess we just have to be content and happy with simple things in life
letti | Homepage | 04.16.05 - 9:53 pm | #




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