Friday, July 01, 2005

Have a Safe Trip and a Wonderful Mission!

We came home one day

after seeing Cindy off - she's going off to Zambia for a month on a Medical Mission,

to find that one corner of our table cloth had been chewed to bits by



SooHK said...

aiyah your dog so naughty....

<"3 )~ said...

OH NO! Thankgoodness my chinchilla stays in her cage ...I can only imagine what would be all chewed up! Keep a close eye on your computer cords!

<"3 )~ taranicole

mayflwr said...

heheh, starting in the US with ABILENE? Hehe, I am a Malaysian living close by in Lubbock, which is not that much more exciting than Abilene ;) I'm off to Malaysia tomorrow! I'm a Malaysian citizen, but am a PR here...technically I've only lived in Malaysia for 6 years!

ENjoy abilene ;)

Anonymous said...

*walks to Henry's cage and shakes a finger at him*...*then runs away into the room*