Monday, September 12, 2005

Kitchen Aid

There is a bug situation in our kitchen..

Not just the odd bug or two, but families and clans of them!

It started out innocently bug here, *SQUASH*, one bug there.. *SQUISH*...
Then out of nowhere, I would go into the kitchen at night, turn on the lights and there would be a whole gang, scurrying off as fast as their little legs can take them! Ever so often, a defiant bug would stare me right in the eyes, as if challenging me to get some tissue and squish the living daylights out of it, all the while thinking "I can outrun you, human!!"

David's way is to flick them with his fingers with such force, that they go flying off and smack their little heads on a far wall and suffer some serious neurological's effective, I have to say, but leaves them on the floor for me to sweep up at some other opportune time.

SO, a few days ago, I embarked on this massive bug eradication thingy, using the products below .. the project is still coming along - I've done most of the cabinets, behind and around the fridge, dishwasher & oven..

Meanwhile, our kitchen table is in disarray because I've had to unload whatever was in the cabinets onto the table while the cabinets were being "de-bugged". Yesterday, we literally had TV dinners - defrosted and heated up rottisserie chicken and a fruit tray on our laps while watching ( what else ) FOOTBALL!

Tonight it's a break from the extermination ( man, it's intimidating ) so we have our kitchen table back ( well, at least part of it ) and on the menu will be Texas Panhandle Chuckwagon Chili, Crockpot style with broiled sour dough garlic bread...and home grown, vine ripened cherry tomatoes!



makuahine said...

I hate bugs in my house! Ants are the worst. They are so hard to get rid of! Good luck!

void said...

Sounds like the bugs are buggin' ya! ;)

H. (aka. NC_State_Gal) said...

Uuugh..thank goodness that the only bugs that my apartment suffers from are fruit flies *haha*. I forget what ants and mosquitoes look like here in San Francisco.

Bugs exist here, but generally in the warmer, flatter parts of the city (SOMA, Marina...), but I have not seen a roach, waterbug or any such nonsense in my area of town. It is heaven!!

Good luck with the extermination project!!!

Laura.Y said...

Bugs are definitely not my cup of tea. Good luck with the extermination!

lynnee said...

bring on the shelltox!!! *sprays shelltox around wildly*

Big Gay Sam said...

I guess we're lucky in that regard. We have never had a cockroach problem in this area. I have no idea why. It's almost spooky. Three Mile Island no flies kind of spooky. But we do have the odd scorpion and occasional foot long centipede. The hazards of living in the desert I guess. Good luck with the bug problem. :P

sweetspirit said...

yucky i dont like bugs,, we have a real bad problem with red back spiders and white tail spiders tsk tsk, now the warmer weather is coming yucky cockroaches will start visiting :(
cheerz gal keep them bugs at bay away hehe tcz

PrimoDonna said...

I hate cockroaches! Yuck! The worse place to see them is in the dishwasher! Twice I've seen a cockroach in the dishwasher. I killed it and ran the dishwasher right then and there. And it seems that no matter what you do (or don't do) there is at least one hanging around. Again, yuck!

Monica said...

ooofa!!! are they roaches? I HATE them so much they freak me out, and they just get in no matter what, they come in with groceries whatever, Im freaked

David had a GIANT spider problem and one was running over the bed and it was over an inch long!!!!

*~*HollyMarie*~* said...

I HATE bugs! My grandmother has a problem with lady bugs and she has tried everything to try to get rid of them. I used to like lady bugs, but not in groups of hundreds. lol... But here at my house, we rarely have problems with bugs, thank God.

*~*God Bless*~*

Oh, I've tried going to Jumbled Mind's blogger, but I can't seem to get to it. Is everything ok?

Rowdy Theologian said...

Ummm, GROSS!!! (The bugs that is, Chili sounds delicious....)

Chen said...

Consider myself lucky there's not much bugs in da house.. I hate bugs as well..

GPV said...

Hi letti, I found out how to get rid of roaches,they are tropical bugs and they hate cold weather.
Once Dominique and I had finished to clean up our kitchen and the bug
killing,we turn on the air-condition for a whole week.
As soon as the air-condition is off The bugs are back.