Saturday, October 22, 2005

MORE Palpitations..of another kind..

Deep dish pizza vs. Texas barbecue, Windy City vs. Bayou City

You can guess what we're watching on TV tonight...

The World Series!

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Houston Astros
Established: 1960
Last time won World Series : never
Last time World Series hosted in Houston : never

Chicago White Sox

Established : 1900 ( as the White Stockings )
Last time won World Series : 1917
Last time World Series hosted in Chicago: 1959

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makuahine said...

Yes, Go Astros!!!

You know, since the Cards couldn't be there. ;-)

tammi said...

Was supposed to be there this weekend at Daddy's(H-Town),but I had to work.Bummer! Oh well...more work=more $$. :-}
Hope your having a nice weekend!

Monica said...

i dont have the Tonka Big Mike dump truck 1958 with dual hydraulicsBUT look on ebay and keep looking , just type in the search and you will find it, you have to keep looking there!!!

Monica said...

wow!!!! if its like this one its really expensive!!!

this is the link to ebay

K. Restoule said...

But why are the White Socks wearing Black Socks !!!!

Mike ( ex scientia, veritas ) said...

Another record - the longest game in World Series history!

ashleymclure said...

You've been ghosted! Go see

and grab a puking pumpkin and see the rules!