Thursday, October 06, 2005

Of Crazy Weather and Crazy Dogs

Fall has announced its presence with a real BANG

Current time: October 6, 2005 - 20:19 GMT
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which brings us to the OTHER topic for today, CRAZY DOGS..

Just to recap, we have 4 ( yes, FOUR ) dogs..
  1. Henry's the indoor spoilt one,
  2. Missy's the hardworking one who's out of doors on a 50 foot chain ( and yes, she has a kennel ) to help scare rose-bush-munching deers away,
  3. and there's the Rottweiler twins who are in an enclosure in the side yard.

It seems like Missy's made a new friend, a brown/white dog who loves hanging around her and hogging her kennel, and eating her food...and running loose around our house.

Usually, when I bring Henry out in the morning to pee, I don't need a leash coz he's kinda groggy that early and will just plod back into the house absentmindedly and there're no distractions.

NOT now though.. Not with Mr. I'm-Missy's-New-Best-Friend around.

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Picture this
  • It's raining and cold outside.
  • I'm in my house slippers and fuzzy pink bathrobe, standing by the door, waiting for Henry, yawning.
  • Henry spots Mr. New Guy and runs off with him.
  • I grab a scabby hat and run after him, pink bathrobe and all.
  • Henry of course, thinks it's a game and runs away even harder. ( with accomplice, Mr. New Guy )
  • I end up looking like a big wet pink dish rag.



Laura.Y said...

oh goodness, sounds like a merry go round chase! bad doggie! LOL

void said...

Woosh is right!

<"3 )~ said...

Now now Letti... I'm sure you were quite graceful running around... more like a pink... um... er..


That's it! The graceful Letti bobbing around the yard like a pretty pink balloon ;)

<"3 )~

KEF said...

Oh... hate it when my dog run off :P

But well... atleast you are pink :D

Monica said...

I have fuzzy leopard slippers :)

I miss having a pet!!

Big Gay Sam said...

But you look so cute in them thar slippers. :P

*~*HollyMarie*~* said...

What some people do for their pets! lol...And the weather is CRAZY here too. It must be a national thing, maybe even world wide.

*~*God Bless*~*

K. Restoule said...

Sounds like the dogs are testing your patience. Good luck there.

As for the weather, you know I'm a Canuck so I'm sure you know what I think of that. Let me know if you see snow. *Smirk*

tammi said...

That just tickles me! I did the exact same thing yesterday! When I came in from work,I started to get out of my work clothes and jump in the shower when Ray comes in(not paying any attention) and let Callie(my kitty) out the door on accident.But did he go chase her back in?? Nooooope.I had to do the I jump back in my blouse and out the door to play the "come and get me" game!She'll stop for a sec,and just when I get almost get to her....vavooom! She's off again!Uuugh! Finally she will run back in.I think cuz I got mad one night and LEFT her out for a long time,which probably scared the whiskers off of her!When I finally let her in,she shot in that door as if her fuzzy butt was on fire! LOL
Yup,your so right! Crazy animals,huh?