Thursday, November 10, 2005

Mystery of the Missing Kitty

Tuesdays are for Tacos

at Rosa's, with their famous Taco Tuesday

Last Tuesday wasn't any different. We got ready, met up with the rest of the family for dinner, shopped at Walmart afterwards, came home and got on with our business.

A few hours later, David comes around to my "study" and asks if I've seen Tabby in the last few hours. Hmmm...

We look all over the house for Tabby for a bit, especially his "favourite hangouts" when I suddenly wondered if one of the things I'm always afraid would happen, ( other than one of us leaving the door open and Tabby "springing free" - which he wouldn't, with the good food he gets in here! ) actually did happen.

I walked straight into the bedroom, opened up my closet door, and was greeted with a mess.

Clothes on hangers were now on the floor, clothes on shelves were also on the floor, and before I could even roll my eyes, a squinting Tabby ( it had been dark in the closet ) zips out of the closet past my legs and runs out of the bedroom.

Well, partly my fault for not looking more carefully before, and now i'm stuck with having to do more laundry than I had anticipated, not that Tabby had peed on anything, but oh well. He didn't seem too traumatised by the whole thing.

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Knackered Kitty


Laura.Y said...

Hiya, that's pet life for you..:) Then again, it's always exasperating when it happens to you! hehe cute story letti.

taranicole said...

Oh my! I've had stuff like that happen! I'm always afraid I'll come home and find the chinchilla NOT in her cage *heart attack!*

<"3 )~ taranicole

Big Gay Sam said...

Don't feel bad.

At least you weren't using your kitty as ghost bait. Like I did.

God that sounds crazy.

Where's my rispderal?

Jaxon S said...

"for a moment, i had feared the worst. that has been the darkest hours of my life. then the closet door swung open...i'm at last free."

-- taken from tabby's diary. :)