Friday, January 06, 2006

Let's go eat and get someone ELSE to pay

Cindy invited me out for lunch 2 days ago,

and because my favourite noodle house was not open, we went over to China Star, a very popular Chinese Food Restaurant ( which had won several of the "best of the best" awards - that term cracks me up, still.. they even had a picture of JIMMY CARTER eating there, up on the wall ) and had a yummilicious lunch.

I was guilty of gluttony, unfortunately.

Anyway, I had told Cindy that lunch was on me and so I got ready a $20 bill and we headed off to the cashier.

Turns out that it was a futile move because the manager lady was Cindy's ex-student (Cindy teaches English at a local college), and handed the $20 bill right back to me.

Who said there's no such thing as a free lunch.



Gary said...

I think that might be the ultimate compliment to a teacher.

teddY said...

Wow I'm sure that you've enjoyed the free lunch =)

Anyway, telling you one thing that you can't believe. My college orientation started a week ago, and when I was group into orientation groups, I met someone called Charmaine. Wow, she resembles you! Omg, I though I saw you!

Monica said...

yumm yumm !!!

Thao said...

What a great friend to be such an awesome teacher! Yeah for free yummy Chinese food.