Sunday, January 01, 2006

More Pandemonium and Tragedy

Texans evacuated as winds, dry conditions fan flames

(excerpts and photos borrowed from Abilene Reporter News and CNN)

January 1, 2006
Posted 7:47 p.m.

At least 20 grass fires sprang up in the Texas Panhandle, rapidly consuming thousands of acres and forcing some evacuations and road closures.

In Eastland County ( refer to county map from 2 posts ago ) near Carbon, helicopters with the Texas Air National Guard aided firefighters battling an 8,000-acre blaze that threatened up to 200 homes, said Texas Forest Service spokeswoman Traci Weaver. Billowing clouds of light gray smoke hung across the horizon for miles.

The blazes were spreading quickly because of high winds from 24 to 50 mph and temperatures in the high 70s and low 80s, according to the National Weather Service.

Residents of about 200 homes were forced to evacuate ahead of a fire near the town of Carbon, about 130 miles west of Dallas, said Sparky Dean, an Eastland County government spokesman.

I took a nap this afternoon, and woke up to David watching a football game on TV. I looked at the clock, and it showed 6:10 and I looked out and it was dark, and I thought to myself, "WHAT in the WORLD is he watching on TV at 6 in the MORNING to make him shout like that", but it was actually evening. It just seemed soo dark because of all the dust stirred up by the gusting winds..


Amy said...

It was very smokey in South Fort Worth. Made the sun red and the eyes itchy.

teddY said...

Oh dear...Letti, you got to really take care of yourself. How far is the bush fire away from your home in Texas?

Anyway, mom says eating chilled cucumber served with small amount of salt helps to cool you down in the hot weather. Hope this works! (Does this have any medical proof?)

letti said...

hi amy..oh yes, you're in's praying you and your family remain safe.

hi teddy. I's scary. The fires are a county or 2 away - like a district or two away, but with these extremely dry conditions with amazing winds, it's really frightening. Ah, I will have to try your mom's remedy.. :) Thanks for your concern, y'all.

Jaxon S said...

hope they can put it out soon.

doug said...

hi..happy new year..its been long for me to blog..lazy..check this out..

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Hannah said...

How awful . . . I was watching this on the news tonight. I hope they put it out soon.

dreaming-neko said...

a bumpy start to the new year~ but i'm sure 2006 will brighten up!

take care and god bless.

Tara Nicole said...

*hugs!* keep safe Letti!

Gary said...

That happened to me once, and I still remember it. It was a really strange feeling.

Jeff said...

I live in the TX panhandle and luckily not near the fires but the dust was kicked up for a few days. We had 30mph gusts today but it has calmed down. I hope they get all the fires put out soon.

I hope you have a wonderful 2006-Jeff

K. Restoule said...

I heard about that. I hope your safe and sound.

Though the idea of wildfires in December in Canada is unheard of. In fact I can predict that the firefighters would use the fire to keep warm.

Ams said...

Happy new year Letti. Thanks for stopping by my blog during the past year and leaving your wonderful comments. God bless ^_^.