Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Happy February!!!

I learnt 2 new words today...

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" Tchotchke "
( chats-ki) n.

"A toy; small plaything; a bauble;
a trinket; a gewgaw;
a gadget; a little knickknack "

Believe it or not, I learnt if from Weird Al's ebay song. David and I can get a little nutsoid on Ebay, so we can really relate to THIS song ..

(p/s it's hilarious)


Rowdy Theologian said...

Only if it wasn't so true...I'm an EBay nut. Weird Al is great!

Thao said...

Weird Al is great, I especially love his Y-O-D-A song. I first heard Tchotchke on Seinfeld. There is even a website

Monica said...

I use that word all the time