Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Our stuff got lifted

After 2 years in Texas,

and coming from a country where we are EXTRA paranoid about stuff getting lifted or stolen, I had finally come to feel comfortable about leaving things in the back of the truck while going into a store to get something.

Tonight, after shopping for household stuff at Sam's Club, we had loaded up stuff in the truck and locked it, but because of space constraints, had left some other things like laundry detergent, some toothpaste, mouthwash, protein drinks and granola bars in a box in the back, along with some kitty litter and roses to plant. Then, we went over to Ross'for a bit to get some more stuff.

When we got home and were unloading, the kitty litter and roses were where we had left them, but I could NOT find our box of supplies - and no, it could not have flown off while we were driving down the highway - I initially had this sickening feeling that we had left our supplies at the Sam's parking lot, but both of us remembered clearly that when we returned the carts, they were empty, and we had even checked that everything was stable in the back.

Someone had lifted them off the truck while we were in Ross'.

Now I am just mad.

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Big Gay Sam said...

I'll never understand why a person would feel entitled to helping themselves to someone else's hard earned belongings. It boggles the mind. I'm so sorry. :(

H. (aka. NC_State_Gal) said...

Sorry to read that you got robbed. Completely understand, I've had three mobile phones and two wallets stolen from my purse in BROAD daylight in a crowded area. UUGH. The nerve of people!

tammi said...

What a drag! I don't care if it's $5 or $500,nothing makes me more angrier than a theif taking something that belongs to me.
You should ask the people at Ross's to rewind their parking lot tape(hopefully they have one) and maybe you can get a description.People like that deserve to be caught.Luckily it was only a few items,but they were "YOUR" items,and the next person may not get so lucky and lose their tools or livelyhood belongings.
So I would check into the camera thing if I were you.
Hate to hear that,hun.

Monica said...

thats horrible!!!!! you cant leave ANYTHING out in the open here, it will be gone, this is NY.....

makuahine said...

awww, sorry :(

I agree in saying that I just don't understand why people do these things.

And I also think Tammi has a good idea, it's worth a try, right?

Thao said...

I'm with Tammi, it does not matter the price, it's the principle. And where ever I go, whether it's podunk Iowa (no offense) where people don't lock their doors, I don't trust anyone and won't leave anything to chance. With the tape you may be able to get a license number?

Ams said...

It is a horrible feeling realizing that your things have been stolen. I totally know how you feel.

letti said...

thanks for your suggestions, guys. We did call the store right after we got home but they told us they didn't have security cameras!!

Julee said...

What a bummer. So sorry that your things were stolen.

K. Restoule said...

That's just wrong. the problem is that there are creeps in the world. We tend to see more of them out here in Calgary as well.

sweetspirit said...

tsk tsk I have learnt the hard way to sweety. Once i went on a short holiday i had just bought tv vcr stereo on tp , i didn't take out insurance. When i arrived home my house had been done over all gone and of course i still had to pay for those items plus 33% interest.

That was the first time since then we've had so many bike's and things stolen from backyard even money from
car ashtray mind you they even took the ashtray.....

Oh well where i am now is good , nothing stolen from here yet .

Touches wood"

cheerz gal

tammi said...

I think all stores should have security cam's for the protection of the people that keep them in business.If it weren't for us consumers,the doors couldn't stay open,so I think it should be mandatory.If for no other reason but to protect their OWN business,ya know?
What a drag.
On a lighter note....I sure wish I knew how to make my blog as cool looking as yours.I can't figure out how you get those cool pictures in there.