Saturday, May 06, 2006

After the Storm

Everyone and Everything was safe..

Here's a video clip of us driving over to David's dad's place as the storm approaches from the West

Here's a video clip of us STUCK IN WALMART after leaving david's dads, during the second onslaught of the night.

Thanks for your concern, it definitely was scary, but we are definitely planning and getting into motion a storm cellar on our property.

Thank you Lord! Continue to keep us safe through the crazy spring weather...Amen.


Thao said...

A storm cellar is definitely a good idea. I am so glad that you and the family are safe. Hope the animals came out ok as well.

SooHK said...

Thank god you guys are safe.....looks quite scary...

Jeff said...

I'm glad everyone is ok! That wall cloud would have scared me!!!

This time of year makes me so nervous with storms like that especially now that I don't have a storm shelter anymore.

I hope only nice thunderstorms are in your future :) Jeff

JosephDP said...


Thank you for stopping by my blog.

There's no danger in what's being done right now, even if it did start with the huge cypress uprooting, and the following flaky electricity.

I'm glad that you're surviving the storms. Good luck and be safe.

Monica said...

wow that is scary, we get storms here but not tha many tornados

Im glad that your safe!