Saturday, September 23, 2006

Nasty Asian Food?

No way!!

I found a box of CENTURY EGGS at the local Filipino Food Store.. *happy grin*, and almost made David and Cindy green at the gills to think of PRESERVED duck eggs ..

Seemingly innocuous styrofoam box

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The cover tells it like it is

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6 whole eggs!

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I haven't opened any of them to "savour" yet, but here's what they look like ..

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Today's dinner for my man with a weak stomach..

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Pork Stroganoff and a Salad


makuahine said...

I've had goose eggs before, but that's as close as I've gotten to that. ;-)

mama bok said...

Cool stuff.. Letti..! i haven't had one of those for ages.. coz' i know for sure.. Papa BoK wouldn't eat it.. hahah!! but i am pretty sure i can get them from Halifax.

Thao said...

Interesting read, especially the myth about the horse urine. I have never had a Century Egg and probably never will. The Pork Stroganoff and a Salad on the other hand...

Joseph A. di Paolantonio said...

Century eggs are great.

And does David expect any of us to believe that he hasn't been in a Texas honky-tonk or general store with pickled eggs on the counter?

JJ said...

I'm with David-bring on the pork stroganoff and salad. You can keep your nasty old green eggs-blech! LOL

tammi said...

I bet hubby is in hog-heaven with a wife that can make all kinds of extravagant meals......maybe that's why I'm still single...ya think?
Cuz you know what they say..."the way to a man's heart is through his stomach"....I always thought it was "under the covers" (slapping the hand)
But WAIT! I just cut myself down....cuz the thing is...I'M STILL SINGLE either way it goes.
Ohhhhhh snap!
Maybe I can find somebody that will love me for my scrapbooking....I mean,daaaaang...I AM GOOD AT "THAT"!

Chen said...

century eggs porridge or pei tan chuk, yummy :D

Jeff said...

Has David introduced you to the Texas cuisine of Mountain Oysters yet? I'd take a Century Egg any day over those!

Hope you have a great weekend-Jeff