Saturday, October 14, 2006

An Eventful Friday

Hurray for Girls' Day Out

Cindy and I usually try to make at least some sort of adventure out of the Fridays we have after Bible Class, just for a girly day out or catching up with the sights and sounds around town. This week was exceptionally cool.

I didn't want to increase the page loading time due to the massive amounts of pictures, so the different "adventures" have links to different photo posts on my photo blog.

Florinda's Birthday at Bible Class

Click HERE to see all birthday pictures
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McMurray Uni's Homecoming Festivities

Click HERE to see all the Festivities

Asian Noodles!

Click HERE for more food

A Walk in the Park with Prairie Dogs

Click HERE for more "dogs"

Pumpkins Galore at the Pumpkin Patch

Click HERE for more Pumpkin Patch Pictures

Scrabble at Starbucks to wrap up the Day



Anonymous said...

Prairie Dogs RULE. They're cute little guys.

Ams said...

Hey Letti! Yay, it's letting me comment ^_^. Thanks for not posting the pics directly. My connection is REALLY bad and it would take all day to load the page. Anyway, thanks for stopping by. I really wish I had a Bible class I could attend but I am alienated and super busy with school. Hopefully in a few years. Anyway, take care. ^_^

Animesh said...

Hey Letti... Gawd your blog has changed entirely!!!! Nice to "see you" again! :)

Jaxon S said...

the weather looks nice over there... clear blue sky. over here, it's been a a month since i last seen the sky, blue or otherwise, because of the smoke haze.