Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I was hoping for rain

because it had been such a dry hot summer,

and now a dry fall season, with the total annual rainfall till today, still in the red,

but didn't realise it is going to be shot down from the sky at me in pellet form!! *sigh* I guess I'll take any form of moisture I can get.

Plus the winds out here are atrocious at times ( there is a large windmill farm project just a few miles away from us ) and so the wind chill has to be taken into account. ( think frostbite - time to get out those earmuffs )

On our part, David and I are making a list and checking it twice before the weather comes - a list of the 3 P's, that is - PIPES, PETS and PLANTS.

I think I'll add one more P to that. PETROL. Last winter there were a couple of times when the truck wouldn't start because it hadn't been "winterized", but I guess we now know better.

Oh well, maybe this will be the perfect time to go ice skating over at the new skating rink ( where proceeds will go to Habitat for Humanity ) at Nelson Park which had to close for a few days because the ice was melting!! w00t!


dreaming-neko said...

i miss ice skating :(

teddY said...

I suck at ice-skating! But it is a really fun sport. Anyway, how do you winterize your truck? XD

Is it winter now? Or is it just the end of autumn?